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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Merry Christmas, Once Again....

Today the Wednesday Witches had their annual Christmas Party.  Late, as usual.  We always take our time with it.  That way we are all rested up from the first Christmas and ready for the second one.

We do a gift exchange and potluck.  The food was great and the gifts a lot of fun.

At first I thought I got a box of kitty litter....Nope.  Santa and a dollhouse to decorate.  Just what I need....Another dollhouse to decorate!  It's very cute and will be a welcome addition to my collection. 


For those of you waiting for news of Mookie. He is doing OK.

It seems that he has an Occult Urinary Tract Infection.  He got a shot yesterday and is taking pain pills for the next three days....Hopefully this will make it go away....Wish him luck...

He seems to be OK in every other way, so with the luck, he will be back to normal soon.

I am having problems with alignment again.  I hope that this is readable when I am done.  Widget wanted in on the photo session too.  He is the invisible cat.  If you were here, you would never see him....As soon as anyone comes in, that he doesn't know he runs for cover.  I have several friends that have never seen him and think that I am imagining things when I say that there is more than one cat in the house.
As you can probably tell, I am stalling.  No mini making today.  Hopefully, I will be back at it tomorrow.
See you then.


kimberlyncreations said...

hahaha I have an invisible cat too!
Her name is Fat Kitty. People see our other cat and say isn't that the Fat Kitty? Then I always have to say no, that's the Wee Kitty. Then I have to scrounge up the FAT Kitty for comparison purposes.
When I first started dating my husband he told me he had this cat and I didn't believe him either because I didn't see it for the first three months of our relationship.

Lucille said...

I'm so happy that it's nothing serious with Mookie. I love that cat so much! When I first started reading your blog, he was the star of your blog. And then Tessie came along and I hardly ever see him now. That's a cute little house you received as a Christmas gift!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Mookie. I am very glad you are doing okay and getting treatment. You are such a pretty boy!
Hello to Widget too. Hugs to you both.
Hello to Casey also.
Ah, cats. What intriguing creatures.
I miss my beautiful Kitty who was an all-white American Longhair. She had a petite face and a beautiful fluffy tail. She stayed with me until she was 13 and we had many enjoyable times together.

Troy said...

Looks like fun - we use that same cat litter! lol

mcddiss said...

que bien celebrar una segunda navidad con las amigas , esos regalos son muy bonitos , me alegro de que el gato se encuentre mejor y de que hayas podido fotografiar al otro para demostrar que existe



Fabiola said...

You've a wonderful cat. I also have a cat, Ariel.
You received a beautiful Christmas gift. I'm curious to see it furnished.
Bye Faby

Giac said...

Hewllo Casey,
I'm so happy Mookie is doing better. What handsome cats you have! Enjoy the day and keep an eye on Zeb and Tessie.
big hug,

Kathi said...

Glad that Mookie is okay. Male cats seem to get those urinary tract infections frequently. My vet recommends feeding mine with real boiled chicken and Science Diet dry food that is labeled to help prevent urinary problems.

Henry has not been eating well since Toby died. I guess he will get some boiled chicken this weekend? :D I think he misses his little brother.

Love your new little house! So cute.

Caseymini said...

Thanks for the tip Kathi! Mookie loves your menu. I just gave him chicken for lunch. Yum!

Merri said...

The important thing is to keep him hydrated. Here's a hint: Ask your vet to teach you how to give your cat fluids with a bag of saline solution. Many vets are glad to teach this simple IV treatment, because once a cat stops drinking enough they go downhill very fast, and staying at the vet is both expensive, and extremely stressful on felines.

Kathi said...

I agree with Merri. Hydration IS important. How about some nice chicken soup broth? Homemade, no salt. Bet he would drink that! :D