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Friday, January 25, 2013

Get Out of My Chair!!!

OK. Back to the Clockwork Cottage.  I talked Zar into a leather recliner, rather than a couch.

So far, he is pleased with what I came up with...Lots of gears, cogwheels and pulleys.

Now all I have to do is see if I can put it together.

It even has a wind up key in at the rear of the left arm.

It is debatable if he will get to sit in it...Tessie likes all of the gears, cogwheels and pulleys...
I did the basic structure from balsa wood.  Most of it is 1/2" stock.

The cushion and the foot portion are 3/8".

The two base pieces for the seat are 1 3/4 by 2" from 1/2"stock.

The back is 2" by 3" from 1/2" stock.

The sides are 2" by 2" with a wedge taken out of the top back corner. Also 1/2" stock.

The seat cushion and the foot rest are the same size as the base pieces and from 3/8" stock.

My method of madness for something like this is to just play until it is right....You have the measurements. Proceed at your own risk....

After I got the pieces cut, I pinned them together to see how they worked...

Not bad for a start.  Of course, Tessie plopped down into it and refused to move.

To keep Zar from strangling her, I proceeded to pull out the pins, one at a time, until it fell apart and she landed on the floor.
I took the pieces away from her and then sanded them.  Rounding some corners and leaving others straight.

I have a picture in my mind where I want the pieces to fit.

When I was satisfied with the fit, I pinned it back together to see if it was correct. 

Did I mention that I custom made the fit for Zar.  Tessie wouldn't really be comfortable in it for long.  The seat is longer than she is. 

Did I also mention that I started drawing up ideas for a couch at the same time...That is nowhere close to where I want to go with it so far...

I have to get back to work.  All of the time I have been in here, the Terrible Two have been taking turns sitting in the chair...Zar was sitting in it when I left, but there was Tessie frantically pulling out pins... A few minutes later, I peeked around the corner, only to see them putting it together again...

Alternately, every few minutes, one of them yells, "Get out of my chair!".  Then all is quiet until they reassemble it with the pins.

I may have to use a lot of wood putty to fill in the holes, if I don't put a stop to it.

Leaving now.

See you tomorrow.


Fabiola said...

I like these funny scenes!
Beautiful chairs... I'm curious to see it finished.
Bye Faby

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. So far the recliner looks straight-forward to make. Now if you say it is actually going to recline and go back up again, I will consider you a genius! I would like to see a photo of how it is joined without anyone sitting in it.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, wish me luck! I'm going to try....I will show you how I put it together tomorrow.

Troy said...

Looking forward to watching your progress!

Dale Fluty said...

Fun project. Can't wait to see how it progresses.

Kristen/Kris/Penny Doll said...

The gruesome twosome are hilarious. lol. Poor Zar. Convince Tessy she wouldn't want it now with all the holes put in it and she'll run. (Notice I didn't mention that she wouldn't stop from telling you to make her one tho....)

Anywho, I'm glad you put this up. I was just sayin on GL I want to do a Beatles room and was looking for any chairs/couches I could redo for it. I was told to make my own. hehe. I have such grand ideas in the head but doing them is daunting. Then you put this up and always make it look so easy. I may take your measurements to start and mess around with them to make a arm-chair. Then possibly try the couch. I've seen you do others and they always come out amazing n look so easy. So guess we shall see. Thanks for putting this up. You got great timing. I'll be watching the rest. I'm off to play with my own wood and see what I can come up with. And check the rest of your site for chairs/couches. TY XD

Kim @Minimalarkey said...

Will it have real reclining action?