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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Moveable Feast....

Don't ask about minis for a couple of days.  I am down to the wire. 

I finished putting together two little tubs of cookies.  One for April and Seth and one for Seth's parents.

The party is still going on at the townhouse, but unfortunately Tessie and Zar heard the clanking of cookie sheets coming from the kitchen.
There will be a few less cookies in the tins.  Please don't tell.  The recipients would probably frown upon dogs sitting on their cookies.  Not to mention a couple of people pawing through them and selecting the best ones for themselves....

I didn't tell them that I had extras to replace what they took.  If I did, they would probably immediately remove the extras from the fridge and hide them somewhere.  I would find them next July with a couple of tiny bites taken from each one.

As it was, they managed to leave a trail of crumbs for me to follow, from the kitchen to the Clockwork Caravan.

The Terrible Two +One, settled in the pavilion atop the caravan to get away from the irritation of the party.  Besides, they did not intend to share the cookies....No way. No how!

I won't mention the fudge that they pilfered for dessert.  You didn't know that Christmas cookies require a fudge chaser?  Yup.  Tessie informed me, "Its a law....Well it should be!  Cookies always taste better, followed by a bit of chocolate.".

Now I know!
I did finish a project...Not a mini, but for a mini.  I knitted a large Christmas stocking for Amare.  There was only one problem.  Only two of his presents would fit inside....Oh well maybe  the presents will get smaller as he grows???

I am going back to bake more cookies to replace the ones that the Cookie Monsters devoured...Sometimes I question their sanity...They didn't even ask for milk!

Merry Two Days Before Christmas!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Nice assortment of Christmas cookies, Casey. I guess the terrible three agree judging from their pilfering of the goods. Yummy, Yummy! I'll be trying out your fudge recipe tonight. I'll be doing both the chocolate and caramel variety. Amare's stocking is so cute! Good luck with your baking.

carmen said...

feliz navidad!

Carmen O. said...

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a beautiful 2013!

Matxalen said...

Merry Christmas!

rietje woudstra said...

Merry Christmas.
Have a nice time with family and friends... and the terrible two ofcourse.