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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holes in the Canvas...

This is probably the oldest, unfinished piece of silk canvas petite point I own... It isn't even really silk canvas....I found an antique dress that wasn't worth saving.  At the time(about 1984) I didn't have any idea where to get #40 silk gauze, but this was close.  It is very soft, unlike the real thing, but it was cooperative when I tried stitching on it.

The pattern was from a full sized rug pattern book. Instead of traditional Native American colors, I used typical 80s colors. It is about half done.

Why am I showing this to you?  I was doing more cleaning out and found it....It was a miracle.  I could actually see the holes in the mesh! 

The new glasses are tight and I am still trying to loosen them up, but they DO work. 

I dug a little deeper and found this Sharon Garmize Kit for a firescreen that I bought, finished, and never mounted.

By the time I did this one, I was saving every precious scrap of silk gauze that I could.  Thus the strip of a vine design running down the excess on the side.

I still didn't have a real source for it.

See the box of sewing thread?  That's all silk.  I have gathered that from various places.  Mostly in grab bags of thread from thrift shops and garage sales.  Hey!  It still works.
Later, when I found silk gauze, I fell into my normal way of doing things.  The rug that Tessie is holding is the center of a design that I liked in a rug catalog....Now all I have to do is find the catalog.  Then I can finish the rug...

The other pieces are just doodles and starts of borders for other rugs.

Now that I can see the holes, I have no excuse not to finish some of these pieces.
The little lavender piece is a unfinished clutch.  I actually finished one of those.  It is in the Regency Room.

The last piece, in her lap, is a very large Celtic bird design.  That isn't even a quarter of the whole length. 

I guess that, now that I have my sight back, I should start working on these again....Nah....Christmas is coming and I have to finish that first.  I will definitely get back to these after the 25th....Stay tuned for progress.

Back to my knitting now.  Amare needs a Christmas stocking more than he needs a mini rug.

See you tomorrow.


Elga said...

Casey, I am looking forward to see some of these finished, must feel good to see things better now.

carmen said...

que bonitos trabajos, feliz navidad!

Tanja - SugarCharmShop said...

Those are all gorgeous looking. I especially love the last one in Tessie's lap - must have taken a long time to get as far on that one as you are.


Kathi said...

I admire your ability to stitch in such a small scale. I love the rugs even if they are not finished.

Hope you will show us Amare's stocking. I'm sure it will be adorable!


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It's amazing how many beautiful minis you have. It's always such a pleasure to see! Happy knitting!,

mcddiss said...

me alegro de que tu vista te vaya a permitir terminar todos esos trabajos que dejaste olvidados , son muy bonitos



Anonymous said...

You mast be so patient to stitch such tiny pieces! The rug that you have started to embroider is wonderful!
Buon Natale

Ninni Kontio said...

Those are so lovely! :)
Can you tell what is that fabric you use? I've tried to find a good fabric for my own stitch work but they all seem to be kind of wrong :/

Caseymini said...

Ninni, as I said,the fabric is #40 silk gauze. I bought it at a local needlework shop. I imagine that you could find it somewhere on line. Good luck!

Ninni Kontio said...

I did read the text, as I do always, but I was so blind that I didn't catch that fabric name until now :D Thank you so much!