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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Do Overs....

I am wailing, "But I just did it!"

Tessie is yelling, "Do it again!!!"

Yup, the workroom is worse than ever.  Since I rearranged it last month, there is more room to pile things...Bad move.

I walked in there this morning and this was the view going in.  Not good.  That is my jewelry making collection in the foreground.  The pile further away is all my wood and jigsaw...What happened???  I know I cleaned it....I know I did!!!
Moreover, the baskets are multiplying and filling up as they go...

Something is not working in the new arrangement. Soooo....I am taking a mini break from mini-ing.  It is hard to do what I have to do as long as I can't get to any supplies.
Meanwhile the Terrible Two + One are having a great time hanging out and telling me what needs doing next. 

I am going to go now and give them each a large piece of Tessie's Footprint Fudge.  Maybe they will go into sugar shock and leave me to my work....Maybe.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Interesting mess, though, Casey! You have so many things that even when everything is all organized, I don't know how you manage to find anything unless you have a super memory. I see little Spike has made himself comfortable on that cute little chair! I have not yet made that fudge but have purchased all the items needed to make it. Have fun reorgazining!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You're going to feed them sugar? Good luck with that one...maybe they'll be so hyper they'll clean the workspace for you!
Big hug,

mcddiss said...

la unica manera de no deshordenar nada es no tocarlo ,asi que no te desesperes , y no dejes que ese par te diga lo que tienes que hacer



Steinworks said...

it looks just like mine, I've taken to working on the computer and ignoring the mess behind me.

keep calm and have some tea it will sort itself out eventually

Marisa :)