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Monday, December 3, 2012

Day Three of Christmas...

I was wandering around Kmart this morning and happened to walk down the aisle that has the hair clips, pins and ponytail holders.  I found wreaths.

OK.  they aren't really wreaths, but with a bit of fancying up they will work.

They are girls' ponytail holders.

I got a card with 36 of various colors for 2.99.  Maybe some can be used for other holidays.

They just looked like wreaths to me.  Added bonus, they hold their shape in a circle when you take them off of the card.
Tessie and I immediately went to work when I got home.

Remember those tiny bottles with nail decorations that we found at Dollar Tree last month?  Some of the bottles had little silver stars in them.

I took red bunka and wrapped it around the green one.  Put a silk bow on the bottom and added the stars to each turn of the bunka.

On the red one, I used green silk ribbon to wrap and tie.  Again silver stars.

These are quick and easy.  I am thinking that they would travel well if you want to send them to friends with your Christmas cards.
Tessie has taken to wearing a red one as a hat of sorts.  It matches her apron. It will do until I repair her Christmas hat.

Someone asked about the swags for the tree.  This is what I use.  I got them in the children's craft aisle at our Walmart.  Metallic glitter sticks.

They are like chenille stems only fancier.

As you can see from the photo, they can be bent in any shape.  I started a wreath...Unfinished it.

What I like about it for swagging the trees is, it can be bent in any direction and will stay where you put it.  It looks like it has some weight after you get it on the tree.

I just put it on temporarily to show you what it looks like.  When I put it on for real, I will make sure that there is a branch under the points to make it look like it is draped.

If you want to do this kind of Christmas tree, the tutorial is here.  The last time I looked you could still get bags of Lacypodium at That's the greenery I use.

Anyway, those are my tips for today.  I have to go make many more ornaments and start decorating for real!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Incredible, Casey, the tricks you have up your sleeve and you always share them all with us. Thank you so much! Tessie looks so cute with that new hat of hers!

Tanja said...

Your blog is one of the most "cozy" and enjoyable ones I've seen for a long time, Really enjoy reading. And lovely wreaths you've made :)

Kathi said...

Only YOU would "see" wreaths in the ponytail holders! LOVE them!

Tessie made me laugh with her new hat. I needed a chuckle today. :D

Fabiola said...

How many good ideas!
Bye Faby