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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day Six, No Minis...

Real life is getting in the way today...So...No minis.

Instead, you get a view of what I did yesterday.

I am starting to do wire wrapped pendants with found materials.

These are some that I did yesterday.

The first photo is all shells...The first two are pieces of shells that I picked up on the beach in CA.  They were worn smooth and I used them as is, wrapping them in square copper wire.  The third is a piece of Mother of Pearl wrapped in square silver wire. I just did a fancy bail for that one.  Not really wrapped.

The second bunch are rocks.  The left one is some kind of quartz.  I couldn't catch the sparkle in the photo.

The center one is most interesting.  It is a rock with a hole worn through it.  It must have been in one place for centuries for dripping water to have worn that hole in it.

The third is an unidentified specimen that I just liked. They are all wrapped in square, antique bronze wire.
Photo number three is a broken turquoise cabochon wrapped with square copper wire.

The second one is an Egyptian scarab  wrapped in the antique bronze again.

I keep thinking that there should be some way to use this technique in minis....Any suggestions?
I saved the best for last.  This is a labradorite cabochon wrapped with silver.  This one, I experimented with twisting the wire.

The stone is hard to photograph.  The blue in it comes and goes with the light and is almost iridescent when it can be seen.

None of them are perfect, but not bad for beginning.

Sorry about the missing minis.  I will be back to that tomorrow. 

See you then!


mcddiss said...

que bonitos colgantes , aunque no sean minis, tambien hay que hacer cosas a escala real de vez en cuando



Kathi said...

They are all quite unique and beautiful. :D

Where do you find square copper wire? Or flat wire of any sort? I've tried pounding round wire with a hammer but it's just not good.


Lucille said...

What do you mean, Casie, when you say they are not perfect? I think they are! What beautiful pieces! Among others, my favourites are the last one with the blue, the mother of pearl one, and the rock with the hole. I like how you wrap the wire around them.