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Thursday, November 1, 2012

"No More Fooling Around!"

"Not one more minute!  I am not waiting.  You haven't done minis for days!".  That was Tessie this morning.

Fortunately, it was after I got back from the Desert Sky Rummage sale.  I haven't missed one for quite a few years and I am there the first day, before it opens every year.

It is a huge sale spread over the whole grounds of the church and the grounds are big!  It even has cars and RVs for sale some years.

Surely you don't expect me to pass that up, even for minis.  I don't always spend a lot, but it is just so much fun to see what's for sale. 

I spent right around ten dollars this year and look what I got!  I doubt that many of you would be that interested in a hand embroidered table cloth, but I liked it....Someone put a great deal of work into it and it was $3.00.  Perfect condition.

I got my usual grab bag of needlepoint canvas....YES!  Penelope and #18 to 24 were there.  That means more baskets and fake wicker pieces in mini.  The little wooden box/tray under that looks like a foundation for something mini to me.  The thread was an added bonus with the canvas...I know it will be used somewhere.
There was a two shelf spice rack.  25 cents. They are handy for acrylic paint storage if you have a wall to hang them on.  This one holds 14 bottles.  The three tiered ones hold 21 and all are out where you can see them at a single glance.

The box in front is for storing knitting needles but I will probably find another use for it....Who knows?
Last and best was this cosmetics case.  It is just book board, but very sturdy.  I already found a use for it. 

My #14 beads have a new home.  That is if I can get the Terrible Two to evacuate the site. 

Zar wants it for a tool shed and Tessie just announced that the side that she is in would make a perfect place to take a nap...Like she doesn't have a dozen beds around here to nap on.

Anyway, I did solemnly swear to go back to work on minis.  I am still recovering from the traumatic wounds that you saw yesterday....That's my story and I am sticking with it.

See you tomorrow, with minis in hand!


Lucille said...

It sounds like a fun shopping trip, Casey!

mcddiss said...

veo que hiciste muy buenas compras , espero que esos dos te dejen utilizarlas bien



Kathi said...

Love the tablecloth. :D I found one at a garage sale several years ago. It too was hand embroidered and in perfect condition. The $2 price was a steal!

I like your idea of using spice racks to hold paint. Wish I had more wall space...