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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just Foolin' Around...The Mind Wanders

This is what the third day really looks like....Not that washed out color from yesterday.  It is a rich kind of walnut brown.  Now we're talking stain!

I just looked up and saw the menagerie that is growing on the top of the computer screen... Miniatures are everywhere.  Walter even gets in on these.  His Woodstock. My Russian pig.  His Blue Devil Duck.  My Russian pig.  OK so I am repeating myself.  I like the Russian pigs.  It all started with his duck....I had to have something to fight back...Crazy Russian Pig.  I found another one....He was surrounded....A couple of days ago, Woodstock appeared.  I'm kind of worried about the smug look on his face... It's about time for me to retaliate.

I went through one skein of yarn on the Potato Chip Scarf this morning....And attached a second skein.  There is no rhyme or reason as to how this yarn is dyed, so it is easy to attach a new piece anywhere,
Some people are unfurling the double helix that is the scarf and turning it into ruffles....I am going to have to wait until it is long enough to try on....I have a feeling that, with this yarn, I will look like a mad clown if I wear it like that.

Can you tell that I am not accomplishing much in mini today...I guess I am not really in the mood.  I think it was that thousand or so shingles that I stuck on the roof yesterday that did me in.  When I was done, I was seeing cross eyed. 

I am going in way to many directions right now.  I will probably put away a few projects until after Christmas now and concentrate on the ones that need to be done.

The Russian Cottage may not get much attention for a while.  April doesn't get that until she gets a place with more room.  Unfortunately, tiny houses(hers) in real life don't lend themselves well to tiny miniature houses...

I will be back to minis tomorrow.  This afternoon we went out shopping for a new sofa and chair for the living room.  Success!  Now all we have to do is wait for it to get here....

See you tomorrow.


Claudia said...

The scarf looks very cool, Casey! I'm just catching up - I assume the pattern takes the shape of individual potato chips? Neat.


Caseymini said...

No, Claudia, it goes back to the old lay's potato chip ad... Bet you can't eat just one. In this case, its "Bet you can't make just one.