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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trial Run...

OK.  I may not get to the Korean style Clockwork Cottage for a while, but I couldn't resist trying out my idea to see if it works....It does!

I had a wooden box with a recessed lid just sitting on a shelf.  I had a large cone of Peaches and Cream natural colored cotton and I had Aileen's Tacky glue that had been sitting open a while to thicken it.

All set to go.
I cut the cotton in random lengths.  I think that there were between 15 and 20 strands.  It doesn't matter how many or how long.  Just chop them off.

Then I took one end and started dipping it in the glue.  I spread it on with my fingers, making sure to get it well covered.  You could probably use a pair of rubber gloves to do this part.  I didn't have any.  Hey!  White glue washes off easily.  I did the whole length of the yarn.  All pieces.

Starting at the base of the tree, I arranged them into a trunk shape, separating them strands to form roots.

I twisted as I went up. About half way I split the trunk into a couple of limbs.

As I went, I pressed them firmly to the wood of the box.  At this point, they are easily maneuverable...It gets harder as you go because the glue starts drying.  I kept a wet cloth within reach to keep them moist.

When I got the branches arranged the way that I wanted them, I let them dry a bit.

The next step was to cover the whole thing with gesso.  The first coat went on white.  I will do another coat using the color of my choice.

I have to wait for the gesso to dry now.  After I get the second coat, with color on it, I will antique the whole thing with a darker color to make the tree stand out.

Shades of the 60s and 70s.  We used to decorate stuff with this technique.  It was much less complicated.  Geometric designs and straight lines.

I am going to have to do some more experimenting.  This could come in handy for all kinds of moldings and other trim in mini. 

I am going to wait for the gesso to dry and do some knitting whilst it does....

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Fantastic! Love this technique. :D
Looks great already!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I love the tree idea! It looks easy enough that I may try it on a small cottage. I can also imagine vines trailing up the chimney.

Lucille said...

That tree is so beautiful! I love the way it bends and falls, just like a real tree. Can't wait to see the rest of it! It reminds me of a tree in a fairy tale!

sera xi's said...

look really nice....i want to see the next part. hughs.


mcddiss said...

me encanta la idea, queda muy bien y estoy deseando ver el resultado



Fabiola said...

Fantastic idea!
Bye Faby

Giac said...

Hello Casy,
Amazing idea. it looks just perfect.
Big hug,

hopeful said...

Casey: What a fantastic idea! I really love it. Thank you for all the fabulous ideas you share with us. To take the time every day to post when you could be doing something else - I know I speak for many, many people when I say how much it's appreciated! - Marilyn

Sans! said...

Thank you for sharing this technique!

Jennybee said...

Your tree looks great and I would not have thought to use string/twine. Hmm you soo inspire me to add a little something to the side of a greenhouse I have.