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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Three o'Clock in the Morning....

Actually, it was more like four thirty when I started drawing...I wanted to solidify in my mind what I wanted Tessie's prognostication booth  to look like...

I started out trying to make it semetrical and then realized that was just silly.  It needed to be asymetrical and off kelter.

This is what I came up with as a guideline...

It will probably change a lot as I go along.
After the drawing, I got a lot of the filler foam core cut to size.

I still need to do a few more.  It doesn't matter what the color is.  They will all be covered.

I still have to cover the curved part of the roof.

The back top pieces are the old ones.  I still have to cut new ones for there.

The terrible two pulled out a few pieces of fabric to play with.

These are not the final selection by any means...They have only been through the mini stash.  There is still a whole closet from which to choose.

I see another clean up job coming...

Tessie has already started a price list for her services.  I caught her on the iPad last night.

I am not at all sure where she is coming up with the prices for services rendered.
Some of them seem to be a bit questionable. Poke the photo to read properly...When I made the photo extra large, it was cut in half for some reason...

I suggested that she take the last one off...She countered with, "I want everybody to understand that I have no affiliations with that person!  He's a bad guy!". 

I take it that she intends to tell only good fortunes and hold seances with nice ghosts(highly paid but nice).

I don't think that she is finished with the list yet.  She is still paceing in circles and scratching her head.  At least with the iPad, she can just poke the keys and doesn't have do damage to the keyboard with her pogo stick.  And...Added bonus, it keeps her ammused for hours...Until the battery runs down...

By the way, if you are interested in looking for gypsy ideas, the one on my note pad above is a good one.  Also if you put gypsy decor in your search box and poke images, you get a lot of interesting things too.

I have to go charge the iPad.  Then back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Tell Tessie I want to be her first customer! I want the #2 palm reading... that's is when I see the price. :D

Love what you have done this morning with the room! You and I should meet for coffee. I'm always up by 3:30 AM!

Tee Bylo said...

What a great blog! I love the stories of Tessie! She always make me smile!

Minteriors said...

I am stupified, Casey! The birdcage "transformation" is totally intriguing. Madame Tessie will have her work cut out for her is she is to live up to the reputation she is conjuring up. : ) I'm spellbound at the moment wondering where you are going next with this lavish little project. I love it.

mcddiss said...

esto esta cogiendo muy buen forma , me gusta mucho la idea , dejar a Tessi el i´pad es todo un peligro, pero supongo que ya lo sabes



MargeGoh said...

This is very very beautiful....great job.