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Friday, September 14, 2012

There Is Still Hope....

We may still have color in our lives....

This morning I picked up a copy of Elle Decor magazine at the grocery store and was flipping through...Grey, beige, white, grey, grey, white, beige....COLOR!!!

Some perfectly normal person had bought a house in France and had the nerve to do this to it!

It was actually quite interesting.  A very different use of color to boot.

Zar moved right in... and made himself at home, until the magazine collapsed on him.
Meanwhile, Tessie announced that she had traded back Cordelia's house for her own townhouse.  She had to compensate Cordelia a bit for the inconvenience, but she has already moved a lot of her stuff back in.

I checked to see how the Terrible two were doing.

Zar was whining and whinging about how magazines just aren't as well made as they used to be..."They just collapse for no apparent reason, when you least expect it..."

He announced that he was moving back to the Clockwork Caravan and broadly hinted that it was about time I went back to work on the Clockwork Cottage....His Steampunk workshop isn't getting a lot of use and he misses the dumbwaiter that sends food up to him when he wants it.

The two of them managed to scarf up two pizzas, while working on the townhouse...Then they disappeared.
I went looking for them and found them doing dessert in the pavilion over at Zar's place. 

Chocolate chip cookies on top of two large pizzas.  I am NOT cleaning up after them.  Did I mention that they were both washing it down with the usual bug beer?

Good Luck to them both! 

I am still working on the Weaver's Workshop...They are avoiding it like the plague.

They both have something new to occupy their time.  Neither of them have been "home" for a while.  I overheard Tessie say something about repainting and Zar offering to hold the ladder....I couldn't listen after that...You know which of us will do the actual painting....

See you tomorrow. 


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Boy, are you having fun with the Terrible Two! It reminds
me I need to have more fun with my mini people. But first I have to
dust out their houses!I'll round up
a few of them to "help". Then I would like to make some fall decorations for them. Of course, I'll pretend "they" are making them! Don't tell my sisters I told you all this. THEY think I have gone over the bend! But then, THEY don't have as much fun at home as us miniature enthusiasts do!

hopeful said...

Casey: That caravan of Zar's is still one of my favourites. I so enjoyed watching it being built. Your creativity is amazing but you also have the skills to back it up with beautiful craftmanship. I'm so envious! - Marilyn

Kathi said...

Zar's caravan will always be my personal favorite. :D

Rhissanna said...

That house in France is a joy, and Zar looks SO comfortable. You really mean colour is coming back? I hope so. I realise grey is the new brown and I'm just not ready for the 80's again.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I have you to thank for the caravan! If you hadn't sent me the trailer kit, it might have never been! Thank you again.