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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Temporary Tudor...

Since I am taking the day off to chase the sore neck away, I decided that I would at least take stock an see what I had left to do in the two Tudors.

I am closer than I thought I was to finishing.

First of all, I took this photo of the Crooked Cottage on the straight...Not a good idea...It looks like everything is going to slide to the left.

About all I have to do on this one now is the electrifying and the cobblestones outside.  The electrifying is just a couple of lamps to wire in, but unfortunately to do that, I have to remove the chimney again.  What a pain.  I think that is why the chimney had stucco coming off in big chunks when I got it.  I just hope that the repairs are going to hold, through yet another removal.  I think that they will.

I would also like to put a few more accessories into this one, but I don't want to go overboard.  From the inventories that I have from that time period, personal belongings from that time period were pretty sparse. One from a man that lived alone said that he only had one spoon, one bowl and one pot to cook in...That's sparse!
As for the Weaver's/Woodworker's Workshop, I still need to do a few things.

The staircase is definitely out.  I still have to finish the half timbering on the outside. The front door needs to be painted or stained and installed....Maybe replaced with something a bit more classy.  It's kind of blah and slightly too modern looking.

I need to frame out the rest of the windows, inside and out.

I tried the blue tall cupboard that I built for another house.  It fits perfectly on the left wall....No. I am not stealing it from Cordelia...Zar will build a new one.  He didn't like the blue anyway.

He did like the real silver and turquoise, handcrafted, Navajo pot that was sitting on top.  He will have to talk to Cordelia about that.  I am not getting in the middle.

I put the rust colored wicker chair by the fireplace, but you can hardly see it.  It's in the darkest corner.

I had not planned to wire this one.  When I started it, everything was light and airy.  When I cut down the annex by half, it darkened everything in that area....I am still trying to decide how to illuminate that part.

Last but not least, I have to go to the model train shop and get some more turf.  The lawn comes at the tail end.

Meanwhile, I am going to go sit and work on my remote control some more...It is actually going to work. 
The plastic canvas that you see will stop looking like plastic canvas and will start looking more like the bottom of my magnifying glass...

Pay no attention to the madwoman with the needle in her hand....She sometimes runs with scissors too....

See you tomorrow.


Jane Smith said...

I am just staring at your wonderful baskets with green GREEN!! envy =) I am a glue gal for now but Ive been watching and learning ;)

hope your feeling better soon!

Kathi said...

I was hoping your neck would be better by now... sorry you are still having pain. :(

I bought a bottle of "trail tan" paint today. I can see now why you use that color so much. It's nice.

Thought of you when I saw some ruffled yarn. Have you tried that yet? I'll bet you could make something wonderful with it! Love the remote holder so far.

Hope you feel better soon!

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I did buy one skein of the ruffle yarn. Not impressed at all. It is nearly impossible to work with and doesn't go very far. The scarf on the package takes two balls.

Glad you like the Trail Tan Ceramcoat. One of my all time favorites.

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Hope you are feeling better.
The Tudor houses look great!