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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pick a Card....Any Card....

I filled in the cracks of carving yesterday.  I sanded them down and painted over them this morning.

I couldn't do any more to that section until the paint dries.

So, off I went to the wallpaper bin to find something to cover some of the panels with.

I still have some vinyl wallpaper samples, torn from books a long time ago.  April and I got very good at going out and raiding dumpsters behind the paint stores that carried wallpaper.

On one occasion, I went into the Sherwin-Williams paint store and the guy gave me 17 books....And he even helped me load them in my car!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  If you want to cover foam core panels, this is how you cut the paper.

I glue it down to the foam core with a glue stick.  Then I trim around it about 1/2" to 3/4".  There is a trick to cutting it so that the corners are covered right...Note the bottom corners.  I cut a line straight up from the bottom even with the edge of the foam core.  Then one in from the side that lines up with the bottom edge. 

After that, I cut a diagonal across the corner away from the foam core, the same width as the thickness.  That way the edges meet exactly at the corner. 

I want as little thickness as possible, since these will be fitted into the spaces between the wood.  The top gets slashed and then Vs are cut just down to the thickness of the foam core.  That makes it cover the edge and not overlap the back.  As you can see, the old paper, at the top was not done this way and there is a lot of extra thickness.  I removed that before I glued the new stuff down.

I decided to do a matchstick blind kind of roof.  After all, Tessie might want to roll up the blinds and get some sunlight between customers.

I did this by cutting a piece of foam core the size of the opening and painting it black....I am out of black foam core now.

Remember, when painting foam core, do both sides at once to avoid warping.

I glued the foam core to a matchstick blind that I picked up somewhere and then cut around it to match the foam core.  Then I simply slipped it in place.  I might want to change it later.

Here are the first three panels.  I used some of the vinyl.  It's not really stars, but could pass for them.

Tessie had to try out one of my tables in the room.  It was already painted black.  Doesn't look very gypsy like.

I am thinking maybe a bright red, with some other fancy-ing up.

There are a couple of other table choices, but she likes this one because it has room for several people if she wants to hold a seance.

She swiped the crystal ball and tarot cards from the Witch's Warehouse.  They won't miss them.  They have plenty more...Besides, she is part owner of that store.  What can they say?

I am thinking that the top side panels need to be "starry" too.  Back to the glue pot.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

You just reminded me that I have a white wire birdcage about this size. I have had it for a long, long time.
I still don't know what I might do with it but you are giving me some good ideas! :D

mcddiss said...

veo que sigues con el trabajo de acondicionar esa jaula para Tessi, esta quedando muy bien , espero ver sus progresos



Giac said...

Hi Casey,
What fun!thanks for the tips and the cage it turning out beautiful. I love the idea for the roof.
Big hug,