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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Major Operation...

I knew that I shouldn't let Tessie watch the operation....Traumatic to say the least. 

It only took one look at the pile of Zar and she started yelling..."What did you DO!?!?  Where's Zar?"

"Calm down Tessie.  He will be fine."

"You can't just rip people apart like that!"

"Tessie, I do it to you every  time you break something.  Don't worry.  He can't feel a thing until I put him back together.  He has to be in one piece to regain consciousness." 

With that, Tessie got her wits about her and calmed down.

By the way, Zar signed a paper, giving me permission to show you his pieces and parts as long as I didn't show his face or front side in the process.  I will abide by his rules.

After reassurance, Tessie settled in to watch.  I made her cover her eyes when I got to certain parts of the process.  That was also part of the written contract...

She quite enjoyed watching, until I chased her out of the room....the important parts...

Here you see all it takes to make a (mini) man...I said pipe cleaners yesterday.  I should have said chenille stems.  They hold up quite well for all of the movement these people do.  It's a wonder they don't break more bones. Someone suggested picture wire in combination with the pipe cleaners.  I think that two thicknesses of the chenille stems probably works better.  I can achieve a sharper bend for joints and the chenille gives extra padding to begin the process.

Bonded batting works the best for wrapping.  No sewing involved.  I wrap upper arms, torso and upper legs separately. 
You can't see it in the photos, but I do wrap the neck and shoulder area with florist's tape.  Also the hand and foot area.

This gives the poly parts something to hang onto.

As promised, a back view.  I do put a bit of extra padding in the seat area. Zar is 6" tall, so his handspan is also 6".  Thank goodness for all of those life drawing/art classes. Facts like that come in handy sometimes.

Tessie kept banging on the door and yelling, "I wanna see!!!"

No way.

I also took everyone's advice and stained the tall cupboard.  Troy, the wood was 1/4" clapboard siding.  It is actually more like a very fine bead board. It just has little grooves running the length of the board.(basswood)  I like the texture that it gives to the outside of the piece.

It's kind of hard to see.  I may have to paint it just to lighten it up.  We shall see...

Remember, I said that Zar would regain consciousness when he was back in one piece?

Yup!  He immediately started blushing and wanted a wrap of some kind.

I went and borrowed Tessie's invisibility cloak, that only works in her workroom...Same wallpaper...

That's him with the new cupboard.  I can't say that the cloak works well in the workshop...

Tessie kept trying to get him to give it back....I don't think it was possessiveness...I think she wanted to see what he looks like now...Nope.  Not going to happen.  I am under contract to protect him until he is fully dressed.

Speaking of which, if I don't get back to it, Zar will not get dressed before I go to the Wednesday Witches' mini meeting.  I don't dare leave him in this state if I am not going to be around to fend Tessie off.

She is starting to harass him again.  I had better go now.

See you tomorrow.

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Heather said...

I love-love-love the invisibility cloak! Such a fun, funky pattern!