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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Little Bit to the Right....

 OK.  The Terrible Two were working early this morning....In fact, they woke me up. 

It's hard to sleep when a tiny voice is shouting...."No! Not there!  A little bet to the right(or left)."

As you know, Tessie is really good at ordering other people around...The words Drill Sargent come to mind.

She was sitting on the roof, telling Zar where to put the tassels when I first heard her.

I took a quick photo with the flash.  Then I went back to sleep...Mind you, they were working in the dark with a flashlight.  Most annoying.
When I next awoke, every light in the room was on and Tessie pulled up my right eyelid and asked, "You don't mind if we turn on the lights, so that we can see better, do you?"

I growled at her and went back to sleep with a pillow over my head.

I peeked out and saw that, to my surprise, the gold was back on the front.

They braved the workroom mine field and found the gold embossed paper.

It looks pretty good, but I am not too sure about the plain old straight stuff at the top of the roof....Boring, to say the least.

At least it will be easy to change.  If I want this stuff to stay put, I will put a sealer over the whole mess to hold it in place.  That's when I gave up.  Tessie was shouting again..."A little more to the right!!!"

If I hadn't rushed to the rescue, Zar would have been on the floor, about four feet down from where he was working.  That's about four stories of building in mini speak.

I have the booth sitting on top of my jewelry chest/embroidery supply chest...Not enough jewelry and too many embroidery pieces started. What can I say?  Some of the drawers were almost empty and the embroidery drawers were overflowing.

Anyway, I did one more of the many swags that I have to do.

Tessie and Zar pinned that up to see how it would look.

Only three more pieces to go on the back wall....Then I start all over with the front wall.  I may not do much to the side walls.  They will not really be seen much.  Maybe some shelves or something.

I still need to do more to the Chinese table too...I had better get back at it now. 

Who knows what else they are trying to finish?

Did I mention that Tessie is now trying to hire the nameless gypsy that resides on the second floor of the Witches Warehouse to work in the booth....She already has a couple of other projects in mind....She told me, "I can't spend all of my time looking at the lines on people's hands, the bumps on their heads and tarot cards.  I have better things to do!"

It's just a good thing that this is a quick project.  I think that Tessie's attention span is getting shorter than mine!

See you tomorrow.


MerriMagic said...

LOL no doubt Tessie will charge that Gypsy rent for the booth..and she'll want free readings for herself! Have you ever done an authentic Gypsy Caravan, Casey? You know, the kind with the old wooden wheels. Hm..I'll go dig in past posts to see. Great job on the fortuntelling booth! I can hardly wait to see it all completed!

Caseymini said...

No. No gypsy caravans. The only caravan I have done is the Clockwork Caravan(trailer). And it doesn't really move...

Kathi said...

I'm loving the gold on the trim.
Did you notice that the green fabrics on the left look like a tree? The blue like the sky? Can't wait to see what else you add... :D

Lucille said...

I needed a good laugh tonight, Casey, and you gave it to me when I read about Tessie pulling up your right eye lid. Stuff like that cracks me up. The curtains are looking great and I love the gold trim. Somehow gold seems compatible with a gypsy decor.

You really should write a book, Casey! A few miniaturists are publishing with Blurb. Why don't you give it a try?

mcddiss said...

este proyecto avanza muy rapido y muy bien



Anonymous said...

Great booth, Casey!
Tell Gipsy to ask for wages.

You know, I think that, as witches count their age, Tessie is very young, a teenager at most.
That is why her sisters don't ask her to work at Whitches' Store.

In fact you are baby-sitting her for them. %D
I think, YOU should ask THEM for wages.