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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Neverending Story....

Yup.  I'm back in the workroom....I never finished it last time and it is already getting messy again. 

I keep telling myself.  One piece at a time...Then I turn my back and the pieces all jump out of place again.
Tessie is no help at all.  I finally locked her in one of the boxes that she thinks should be a future closet.  Hey! At least she can see out.

She does put up an awful racket if she can't participate though.

Yes.   That is Zar's Clockwork Cottage above her head....Suddenly I am itching to get back to that one.  I have to finish the Tudor cottages fast!

It is the last day of August.  Time to start doing the Christmas knitting.  Don't worry. It won't cut into minis.  I do that at night, while watching TV.
I did purchase some yarns this morning.  So I am all set to start.  In fact, I couldn't resist.  I knitted about an inch of something.  There at the front of the basket.

Believe it or not, it is made from the yarn that is stuck through the center of it.  NOT socks.  I am tired of socks.  I decided to do something else this year.

I can't tell you what.  Some of the recipients are old enough to read and sneak in to see what is happening on here, once in a while...So...You will just have to wait and see what comes of this.

Meanwhile, it is 92 degrees outside and rising....So where does Tessie settle in?  There she is, all warm and cozy.  Actually, she is laboring under the delusion that I am knitting for her...Don't tell her I'm not.  She is finally quiet and I am getting a lot done.

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.


Minnie Kitchen said...

Love your stories...have a great weekend!

mcddiss said...

a todas nos pasa, tenemos cien cosas empezadas a la vez y de repente se nos ocurre otra y la empezamos tambien