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Monday, August 27, 2012

Tessie's New Furniture...

OK. So it's not all hers.  She does not acknowledge that fact.  She claims the Weaver's Workshop building and ALL contents.

When I cut the wood for Tessie's cabinet, I also cut 3/4" strips of the leftovers to make Zar some shelving for his workshop.

It is also basic shelving.  You simply cut the strips the depth that you want the shelves.  In this case it would be nine inches in the big world.

Then you cut the sides the height that you want the bookcase, less the thickness of the wood.

The top piece is the width that you want the outer shell of the bookcase.  In this case, four inches.  The three inner shelves were cut two times the thickness of the wood you are using, less than the top.  That way when you put them inside, the top should just be even with the outside edges of the sides.  In other words, it sits on top of the sides.

I glued all of the pieces together in the jig, starting with the top and one side, which I had marked for where I wanted the shelves. Then I put in the shelves at those lines and the other side on.  Holding everything together with the magnets makes it a relatively easy job.

I decided that Zar needed a shelf to hang above the workbench.

To make it a bit fancy, I used "Tiny Turnings".  They are rods of turned wood that you can buy at mini shops and shows.  They are fun and easy to work with because you really don't have to measure them...You can just cut them all the same length by using the skinny part of the turning as your cutting point.

They always have some kind of finial at the ends.  I used those as the top and bottom of the poles to make it look like they go through the shelves.  They don't really.  They are just glued together.

After they were dry, I put a coat of lemon oil on all of the pieces.  That's when Tessie zapped in.  You know that she times it so that she doesn't have to do any work.  She just picks up the pieces....of furniture, not scraps.
First she zapped her cupboard into the weaver's attic.  Then she started filling it with her things.

I think that I am going to loan her some baskets to go in the bottom shelves to act as drawers.

I will have to see if the ones made with Woodsies will fit, or if I will have to custom make them.

Meanwhile....Zar and I took the other pieces to the workshop downstairs.

I have yet to help him hang the fancy shelves over the workbench, so just pretend that they are about two inches above where they are.

Zar knew what would happen next, so he made a sign....Sometimes he is not too smart. 

Tessie never looks above her head when entering a building, and besides, she would just say that it didn't pertain to her anyway.  She owns the building...

I am going to spend the rest of the day trying to keep the shelves where they are and Tessie is going to spend the rest of the day trying to grab them....Luckily, she has a hard time zapping things unless she is touching them.

Back to work.  I will be on furniture watch if you need me.

See you tomorrow.  P. S. Sorry this is so late.  I accidentally pushed the "preview" button instead of the "publish" button...It should have been up about nine this morning....


hopeful said...

Casey: I love how you are able to just envision something then *poof*, you've got it made! Wish I had a little of both your vision and your stick-to-itiveness (is that a real word? It should be!). Love the "tiny turnings". Has anyone put together a list of the many raw materials used by miniaturists along with possible online sources for them? For those of us living more remotely it's hard to buy things like silk thread and ribbon, covered floral wires in various sizes (only one size, one colour), "tiny turnings", wood products other than basswood or balsa wood, etc. Anyone out there have a listing of their favourite on-line suppliers available??

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Great job. The shelves look great! I very much like the finish you apply on them.

Kathi said...

Your shelves look great! I've never tried a lemon oil finish. It looks very nice. Smells good too, huh? :D

Caseymini said...

Be aware that lemon oil is just a temporary thing. It has to be reapplied every so often. It is what I use on some of my regular furniture and I do like how it looks, so I simply apply it to the minis whenever they start looking like unfinished wood again...Once or twice a year.

If you are looking for the tiny turnings, just put it in your favorite search. I have never ordered them on line though. I pick them up at mini shows and the local store.

Caseymini said...

Here is one place that you can look. Imagination mall is updated quite often. I have never ordered anything from any of the places listed on here either, but I imagine that some of them would carry Tiny Turnings.

Alanza Ab said...

I will try this type of finishing on my old furniture stool and very crazy about that what result i get.