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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dying To Be Different...

Remember these baskets?  Made with needlepoint canvas and Woodsies, they come out about the same every time. Even when I lace them with embroidery floss.

About 3:30 AM, an idea popped into my head...Yeah. I know I was supposed to be asleep.  Sometimes it just doesn't happen.

That's when Tessie stands on the pillow and whispers suggestions in my ear.  Sometimes I even listen...This was one of those mornings.

I did swat her away and go back to sleep, but not before she gave me this idea.

I have an overstock of the made but not decorated baskets in one of the typesetter's drawers that hangs outside the workroom door.

I also have LOTS of Minwax stain....

I collected the baskets, and four cans of stain and went to work.
I wasn't sure how well it would work since I put the body of the baskets together with white glue. 

I didn't have anything to lose, but a little canvas, one Woodsie and a few drops of stain.

I tried the lightest stain first.  Golden Pecan.  Bottom left.  A little different than the raw wood.

Then I went for Early American...A little darker.  Still no glue spots.

Then Tessie made me use the darker colors.  I got brave with English Chestnut. Pretty dark.  Right by Tessie's hand.  The last one was Red Mahogany.  It turned out a really dark, rich brown. 

I am happy to report that the experiment was a success and no bodily harm was done.  In fact, I even thanked Tessie for the idea.

Now, all I have to do is wait 24 hours for them to get really dry.  Then I will start with the embroidery floss.  It looks like they will be much more interesting than the plain wood/canvas ones.

By the way, don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to make a comment on Saturday's post. Good luck to all of the first 1010 followers. 

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

que buena idea, te han quedado un colorido muy interesante , estoy deseando ver como los terminas



Case di Bambola said...

I'm not the only one that wakes up at odd times with mini-related ideas then ;)
Nice job on the baskets!

Steinworks said...

I never knew you could make those into baskets, I guess I should pay more attention when I come to your blog

Caseymini said...

Go to the basket section. Early on, I did a tutorial on how to make the needlepoint canvas baskets. They are really fun and easy to do.

hopeful said...

Casey - your basket tutorials have been great. I learned how to make "wicker" woven baskets from you and have done several now. They're a little wonkey but I know I'll get better with more practice. I love the look of these stained penelope canvas one. Will try them next. Thanks for everything I've learned through your blog. You really rock!

fillitsa's handmade crafts said...

that was canvas?wow!the look very beautiful!!!
so....when you fill asleep?hihi!

- Virpi said...

Beautiful baskets! Should I give a try for wickering? It looks so pretty, though I have my doubts about my skills...

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

Hi Casey!
I love your baskets. I'm thinking of trying to make a pet bed or bassinet using your method. I was wondering if you used a brush or did you dip the little baskets in the stain? I've used Q-tips for small items to age them. Do you think that flat paint might work too or will the holes clog??? So many ideas going through my head. I can hardly wait to see more. Such fun!!! You're AMAZING! Thank you dear.