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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to Pruning and Cleaning.

I decided that, since I can't do any more work on the wicker until Thursday, I should go back to doing more cleaning this morning.

First I went out to the back yard and pruned a small tree and cleaned out the squirrel's yard.  Now I can actually get into the area without ducking around and under branches.  Added bonus, I can see the area from the computer side window.

Once that was done, I found a home for the two boxes of Kumihimo supplies the I have been shuffling from one place to another. 

This sewing chest has been wandering around the house.  It was empty, needed an identity and a place to live.

It is now full and living in the family room.  I think that it will work out nicely, because now I can just grab a handle and carry all of the supplies I need without hunting for the previous boxes.

After that, I decided to clean out my grandmother's treadle sewing machine drawers.  That is a job and a half.  It is where old and broken jewelry goes to die...Or sometimes it is reborn into other jewelry.  I like that aspect of the sorting. 

Sometimes it brings to light pieces that were "starters" of tangents....You know how I love going off on tangents.

These three rings are all that are left of one of those tangents.  A few years ago, I made a lot of them and sold them.  they are easy and fun to do.  I will have to do a tutorial in the future.

Tessie loves it when I get into these drawers.  You know how she loves glitter and glitz.  Most of this drawer is either pieces of old bead work that I salvaged or partial jewelry from thrift shop bags.

Actually, I started this cleaning spree because I can't find the latest mason jar of jewelry bits that I bought a  month or two ago.

I am also missing all of my stretch beading cord and the basket it was in...Does anybody know where I tucked it away?  If so, please let me know. I really need the stretch cord.

No, I am not going to run to the store and buy more.  I already have been there and done that....There are three rolls around here somewhere...
One goody I found was a beaded scissors sheath that I did a couple of years ago.  Why did I put that in the scrap drawer???

Anyway, Tessie found that and keeps slapping my hands every time I try to get it away from her...

I keep looking at this pile and thinking of all of the hours that went into these pieces.  I look at them as worthwhile, because with each piece I learned something new.  Some were successful  and are worn out.  Others are "What was I thinking?" pieces and I wouldn't wear them to a dog fight, as my dad used to say...

Anyway, the beads in them are still good and who knows when I might be just one pink bead short on a project?

I only have two drawers to go.

Don't forget to comment on Saturday's post if you haven't already.

See you tomorrow.


Rosamargarita said...

Me encantan esos anillos! Sería fantástico un tutorial
Un abrazo
GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

Kathi said...

Love your bead work! Looks like you have lots of interesting things to play with. That is,IF you can get them away from Tessie. :D

Case di Bambola said...

That beaded scissors sheath is actually absolutely amazing! Will you publish a tutorial on that one as well one day?!?! Please!!!!!
Just two more drawers, come on, not too bad :)

Caseymini said...

Sorry, there won't be a tutorial on the scissors case. That was one of those things that I just sat down and played with until I got it right. It would be impossible for me to duplicate it. It just came out of my head and stayed out.

hopeful said...

The squirrel has your stretch cord and says he won't give it back 'til you replace all his treasures you cleaned out of "his" yard. :-) - Marilyn

Caseymini said...

Marilyn, the ten or so squirrels don't have it. They don't come in the house. They do, however, have a lot of the stuffing out of my porch swing seat cushion and pillows. They are getting ready for a rough winter!LOL

Rhissanna said...

"Wouldn't wear it to a dog fight' Love that. So using that! And yes, I can see why she wants to hold onto the beady scissors. Gorgeous!

Case di Bambola said...

Aww, shame, I'll just have to keep drooling over your pics and make do then. But it was a very good design indeed!