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Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Name is Parnell Saintaubin and I Need Help!

I did the face this morning and right away I was sorry that I did it first.  Nellie, as she likes to be called, immediately started complaining.

As an experiment, I did the facial features with Fine point Sharpie pens and a Pigma .oo5 black.  I always use the Pigma, but this was a first with the other pens.  They worked very well.  Much more control than with a paintbrush.

"Where's my hair?  What happened to my clothing?  This is indecency in the extreme!"

You see, Parnell is from the family of  Charles Germain de Saint-Aubin that wrote the "Art of the Embroiderer"  in the 1770s.

She predates him by about 170 years.  She was the black sheep of a large family of embroiderers in France.  She wanted to strike out on her own.  As soon as she hit England she anglicized the name.  It was originally Pernelle de Saint-Aubin.  She quickly learned to get along in the English language and was commissioned by the court as an embroiderer to several of the ladies in waiting, including Lettice...

I had to start the hair quickly. I grabbed some viscose that I bought at the mini show last year.  I have never used it before, so decided to treat Nellie to fancy hair....Even though the hairstyle is quite simple. 

I decided  to do a very simple style because Parnell will be sweating over an embroidery frame all day and won't have time to mess with curls.

This is the simplest way to simulate a part without actually doing one.  I though that those of you just starting the wigging process would like to see it.

It can also be done with mohair.

I put white glue on one side of her head from the hairline to the center line of her head. Then I spread out the hair flat and laid the end over that side of the head, with a bit of excess at the bottom back of the neck.  I let that dry.

Then I applied white glue to the other side of the head.  I flipped the hair back on itself and glued it down to the other side of the head, shaping the hairline as I glued.

I pulled it around to the back to meet the first side.  I cut the excess off and let that part dry too.

After that, I took a piece of the excess about the thickness of a barbecue skewer and maybe 4" long.  I twisted it into a rope. As I twisted, It naturally folded back on itself.  That makes the bun.  I glued that to the back of the head and there she is.

Tessie is sympathising with her and smoothing her ruffled feathers, so to speak. 

I have to get some clothes on her quickly.  She is not a happy camper at present.

As soon as I finish here, I will start sewing.  The sooner I get her dressed, the sooner I can put her to work on the blackwork coverlet.  Gotta run. 

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Nice job Casey! Nellie looks great!
I always wonder about the propensity of why names are shortened.

Lucille said...

Oh my goodness, Casey, she's absolutely gorgeous and her hair is magnificent! What a super job you've done! Congratulations! A real masterpiece! I can't wait to see how you dress her! She has the allure of a lady!

Kathi said...

Parnell's hair is very pretty. Love the shine of the viscose. :D She must be very healthy!

That extra fine turquoise sharpie pen is the most favorite one in my house!
Does Parnell have turquoise eyes? :D
That would be loverly!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Speaking of embroidery in the Elizabethean era, I watched the movie The Virgin Queen again recently (Netflix). The embroidery on the queen's gowns is exquisite. And the collars are fantastic (for the men and women). The movie also covers the story of Robert Dudley and his wives and Lettice Knolls and her husbands.The story has such high drama, one would think it a novel instead of real life.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, Parnell's eyes are actually a kind of Liz Taylor lavender. Sorry. I will have to do one with turquoise eyes someday, although I don't think that I have ever seen anybody but a friend's Siamese cat that has that particular shade.LOL

Teresa said...

She is beautiful! I am surprised that Tessie isn't jealous of all the attention that Nellie is getting! But then maybe she is waiting for a blanket made just for her. Watch out Tessie might try to make Nellie into her slave. What does Zar think of her?

Caseymini said...

Teresa,Zar is not allowed to meet Parnell until she is fully clothed. She is not that kind of woman!LOL

Sandra from Sydney said...

Great job on the hair Casey, and the face is lovely. Sandie

Fabiola said...

Parnell is a beautiful lady. I like her expression.
Bye Faby

Sans! said...

Gotta love that bun! That's how I wear my hair most of the time especially in this heat!

Parnell's hair looks just like the real thing! Viscose, you said?

I hope for more story about the embroiderer.