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Thursday, May 31, 2012


This is the third location that I had in mind for the stretcher frame.  It would work perfectly, if you could see the embroidery clearly....But I plan to put a bed at the front of the room.  Granted, it would be in the diagonal corner, but it would still hinder the view.

I searched for a suitable bed this morning.  I found one in one of my books on Medieval furniture.  It is a box type canopy bed and the top valance is suspended from the ceiling with ropes....No muss,no fuss.  No making four posts that will be covered up with curtains.
I drew it out on graph paper.  I think it will be perfect for the space.  According to the book, it was only 3' by 6'.  The curtains hang from 7' high.

Tessie helped with the plans.  I thought of making the canopy 6" and she corrected it....Not enough height for her to jump on the bed without hitting her head.

As I said though, I don't think that the frame will work in the opposite corner.  It will have to go back downstairs.
While I was doing that, Zar decided to finish a bit more of the half timbers in the upstairs room.  Then I heard a lot of clunking noises.  He moved the loom into place to see what it would look like.  He also moved the settle that was in the room with the loom before.  At least, now I know that there is room for at least a couple of pieces of furniture in the space.

After I leave you, I am going to do more half timbers and start the bed.  I am thinking that I would rather see the canopy hung with chains than  with rope. 

I am seeing in my future, a set of bed hangings and coverlet with black work embroidery... After all, the embroiderer would want something other than a plain blanket on the bed. 

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow. 

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Kathi said...

Can't wait to see this bed! I love black work embroidery. Sounds like it will be perfect in this room. :D