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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Little of This. A Little of That....

It's a beautiful morning...Except for the wind that is blowing sideways.  I am opting to stay inside and keep away the allergies and sneezing.

Therefore, I am wandering here and there.  I am in
my "stream of consciousness" mode at present.  Whatever hits my eye, gets done...Kind of.

First of all, Heleena asked about the pattern for the Tudor rug.  I am posting it as is.  As usual, it is not for resale or profit.  You may copy it for your own use.

I am still going to make some adjustments on it with more detail.  Keep in mind that you will have to poke the photo to make it larger if you want to print it off to work on it.  Also, go back to the preceding entry and look at the original photo for the true colors.  I designed this so that I could more easily see the pattern.  The background is really brown, not white.
After I took the photo of that, I did this....Yup.  More half timbers.  I probably still don't have enough.  I have to do the outside sides and the whole inside of the main building, not to mention door frames and windows.

Now comes staining....Ick!!!

While I was thinking about what to do next, I went hunting.

I don't know how many of you have iPads or something similar...Kendles, iPods etc., but if you do, I hope that you know about all of the old, free books that you can download.

Poke the photo and have a look.  These are from project Gutenberg and listed as e books on mine.

Most are from the turn of the last century.  All are wonderful.  I have had a lot of the needlework books for a while now.  This morning I found some great Mission Furniture books with patterns in them, some interior decorating books from that time period and some costume books, among other things.

I have this thing about trying to read books from and/or about the period that I am working on in miniature.  One of the books that I found this morning is "Manners, Customs and Dress During the Middle Ages and During the Renaissance".  The title alone, is a book. I cant wait to start reading this one.

 But first....Tessie and Cordie are giving Lettice a guided tour of the area, since she is in unfamiliar territory....

Showing her my workroom this morning was not a good idea...She went into shock at the sight of it.

I know just how she feels.  I guess it's time for some "stream of consciousness" cleaning...Pick up something and put it away...Spot something on that side that belongs somewhere else and put it away....What is that shoe doing in the wallpaper shelf?  Put it away.  What is the loaf of bread doing in with the shoes?  You know what I mean...

Go look at some of the books or make a rug.  I'll get back to you later....Much later.  I have a room to clean.

See you tomorrow.


A. Wright said...

Casey, I love project Gutenburg. I've caught up on so many old books. I just finished the entire Sherlock Holmes series. They do offer some titles in Audio, so you can do minis, needlework or even (gasp) housework or gardening! I never thought to look for needlepoint or craft books, thanks!

Lucille said...

Those "three poor creatures"! At first, I could not even locate them. I hope your fabulous "stream of consciousness" method saw you through the cleanup! I will be using the "method" today to do a bunch of stuff on my "to do" list.

Caseymini said...

Lucille, the three poor creatures are relaxing on the desk whilst I do the cleaning...Poor creatures, my foot!!!LOL

Ara said...

Thanks for the suggestions on the ebooks! My husband has a Kindle and it looks like I need to steal it for a while! -ara

Heleena Uotila said...

Thank you!I love it.-Heleena