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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back Up and Start Over....

Remember the stretcher frame from yesterday?  Forget it!

It was irritating me.  It just didn't seam right.  I went back and looked at the engravings in the Saint-Aubins book and then started digging through the text that I had not read in a few years.

It was easy to figure out, after a closer look.  The slots on the long bar were four sided and the stock that they were cut from was square.  What I had made was two sided, like a quilt frame.  Oops! 

If you want to do it right, look at things carefully before you start... In other words, don't follow me the first time.  I may be making a quilt frame instead of embroidery frame.  So back to the drawing board.

Actually, I didn't re draw the frame....I simply put the slots about 1/2" in and left room for the handles at the end.

I then drilled holes on all four sides of the stock and carved the slots out.  I used an Exacto to shape the handles on the ends and round the center portion of the bar.  The cross bars and the pegs were the same.

I did draw up the saw horse pattern on quarter inch graph paper.  I made the base an inch and a quarter wide and the top 1/2" wide.

Then I went and cut stock that was 3/32" into 1/4" planks and two 1/2" planks for the top.  There were four for the legs from the 1/4", two cross bars, 7/8" long and one stretcher bar that was 1 3/4" long.

I didn't bother to do much measuring after that.  I sanded the pieces, making the top ends of the legs just slightly mitered on the inside. and the ends of the cross bars just slightly mitered to fit in between the legs.  I glued these together, using the pattern as a jig.  There is a mistake in the drawing.  I didn't show the end of the stretcher bar sitting on top of the cross bar and I drew the stretcher bar below the line  and even with the cross bars in the second part of the sketch....Oops again.  Oh well.  I am in the middle of making cinnamon rolls.  I am short on time....I only have about an hour for the dough to rise...

Now to try them out.  Pretend that the side shelf is attached to the wall instead of sitting on the joint stool....I kind of like this arrangement because you can clearly see where the embroidery is.....but.... 

I kind of like this one too.  The frame would sit forward a bit, because the shelf would be attached to the staircase.  This way frees up the wall behind Tessie and there could  be storage space under the stairs. 

I am going to go think on it for a bit and see how the cinnamon rolls are doing...Rising or not?

Have a good Memorial Day weekend to those of you that celebrate it.  No matter what, have a great day!

See you tomorrow.


Rhissanna said...

What does Tessie think of it? Having it on the stars does seem to be more practical, there's more storage and room to hang stuff on the wall and stash under the staircase. The other way is more photogenic, almost like a stage set.

If your cinnamon rolls are ready, I'm off to put some more coffee on.

Kathi said...

This turned out great! Love the finish. Can't wait to see a quilt on it. :D

I agree that looking at things carefully before you start making them is good advice. So many times I have had to start over because I didn't do that!

SharonS said...

I like the arrangement where Tessie is facing us, and the frame is attached to the wall. The open staircase doesn't look (to me) like the place someone would put up a shelf of any kind, let alone one to hold an embroidery frame. And if it was ME, I'd be knocking in to the frame every time I tried to go up or down the stairs. You can still use the space under the staircase for storage, with the frame attached to the wall. And "we" will get a better view of your embroidery work when the frame is attached to the wall. Plus, I think the design of both the frame and the saw horse (isn't there a more romantic name for it when it's holding up an embroidery frame?) is shown better from the arrangement when it is cross-wise to us.

Obscure Creations said...

it is a different level to do the drawings - it's so hard sometimes not to just jump into the middle of the 'fun' but I find that the ones I jump into tend to be the ones I never finish...

Nice work
From Tyla @

Caseymini said...

Sharon, if saw horse was good enough for Saint-Aubin, it's good enough for me.LOL That's how it is translated from the French.

I hav just about decided on the second arrangement. The one facing the front is only about 2" from the door and about the same behind. The other arrangement leaves more room to move. The room is just not that deep. There is always the option of moving it upstairs ... We shal see.

Caseymini said...

Rhissana, put cream in the coffee for me please.