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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"You Didn't Show Me the Hammer!!!"

I laid the foundation of the Tudor this morning. I used the same 3/4" by 1/2" wood that I used for the base. For the base, I used the 1/2" side facing out. This time I turned it with the 3/4" facing out. I wanted a little taller foundation than the base.

This is one piece of lumber that is cheap and it has a lot of uses in miniature building, even when you are cheating. If I am using a kit made of luan plywood, that's one thing that I always add. It gives a very sturdy feeling to an otherwise shaky building.

First I mitered the corners and glued them together. I then put a line of glue around the top and put the building on top of that. Then I put in three nails on each side, through the floor and into the wood strips.

It is much easier to do this step before putting the building together. I was having such a good time with all of the laser cut pieces that I just plain forgot to do it. One of those "Duh!" moments.

As I was getting ready to nail, Tessie wandered in and nicely volunteered to hold the nails, while I hammered them in.

She was all set with the first one. As she held the nail in place, she turned her head towards me and screamed, "No!!! Not the big hammer! You didn't show me the hammer!" She threw the nail at me and jumped out of the way.

As I held the nails in place and wielded the hammer, she explained, "I thought you were going to use Zar's hammer. There's no way I am getting anywhere near YOUR hammer. That thing is big and mean!"

So much for building help for the day.

I laid the hammer on the counter after I was finished and went away to find my coffee cup. When I came back, there was Tessie, rudely kicking my poor hammer. Then she jumped back and shook her fist at it.

I am now wondering what kind of childhood trauma caused the panic. At any rate, I will have to be careful. She might just decide to banish all hammers from the house. When she does that with anything, I have to go out and buy replacements for whatever she banished. They are never to be found again. She is very good at banishing spells.

I also finished laying the slate on the front roof. I still need to finish the annex roof and the back arches. Then I will start doing the washes and ageing...

I just went out and changed the skylight after seeing this photo. I hope that this will work....You will get to see if it did tomorrow.

I have to go to the Wednesday Witches mini meeting this afternoon. Reality is cutting into play time again...

Maybe I will take something small to work on that pertains to the Weaver's Workshop.

I have to go now and check on the whereabouts of my favorite hammer and put it away carefully....I want to keep that one. I don't want to have to shop for a new one. It just wouldn't be the same.

See you tomorrow.


Jennifer Berkeley said...

You get so much done so fast an well! I figured out that Tessie reminds me of TashaTudor's doll - that's a compliment Tessie!

Troy said...

sometimes reality has a tendency to do that! The roof is looking great. Did you say you were going to sneak a diamond pattern in there somewhere?

Caseymini said...

Troy, the diamond pattern is in the leaded window. I have done it on roofs before though. See Spike's crypt...All diamonds. The Russian cottage has alternating strips of several rows of diamonds and several rows of regular.

jeanuhlik said...

You are too awesome!! And Tessie presents us with still another mystery! I can't wait to see what story lays in wait for us regarding her hammer phobia...Hmmm what's in store for us with the sky-light???? I'll just have to stay tuned until tomorrow! ((HUGGS))

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Nice work. The roof is looking great. I like the effect of the slate. It's nice that Tessie was there to hold the first that is...
Have a wonderful day and keep the posts coming,