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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Curtain Calling....

The Chinese Chippendale is finished.

You saw the cornice the other day. Today you get to see the rest.

I used the usual formula of the width of the window for each side panel of the curtains. The length is whatever works in the space.

Since I was working with the fabric that had 2 1/2" strips of each pattern, I cut out all of the reversed color way from the one in the cornice. I had a yard, so I cut the strip in crosswise quarters. You could drag out the sewing machine and sew the panels together to make a wider piece of fabric, but, being the lazy creature that I am, I overlapped and glued them.

I decided that they needed a little something extra, so I used what I had left of the black to edge the center opening. Again, I overlapped, glued with white glue and then let them dry well.

The next step was to build a window or...avoid building a window by cheating....I liked the latter option. I cut out a shade from black and white stripped fabric and turned the bottom edge under with glue. I added a metal ring for a pull.

I glued this to the back wall. Of course, as soon as I did that, Tessie popped out of the woodwork and wanted to know where the window was.

Another argument about doing things the"real" way vs. the "fake" way. I won.

I did the usual 1,000 pin method of pleating....Well, maybe I am exaggerating a tiny bit...I then sprayed them with extra hold hairspray twice, letting them dry in between.

I also used the last of the black to make tie backs. I just cut long strips and folded each edge to the center back and glued it in place.

After that, I pulled the 1,000 pins out. I glued the tiebacks in place and put a bit of glue between the bottom of the pleats on the back side so that they would hang straight.

Next, I glued the curtains over the shade. Then on top of that, I put the cornice.

I may still do a little tweaking, but the first curtain is essentially finished. I am thinking of doing them all in black and white, but different styles.

They will look good in the bedroom that is mostly black and white.

Four more to go.

It's still voting season...Please don't forget to go to the polls!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Beautiful work, Casey! I love that fabric!

Troy said...

Your 1,000 pin method has awesome results. Keep up the good work!

Rosethé said...

comment une simple fenêtre devient une élégante fenêtre.
Un joli mélange d'imprimés.


debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

love the curtains, love the colours