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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Score? Zar One...Tessie Still Stitching...

I started playing around with the pattern that I put in yesterday. I decided to see what it looked like in real thread and canvas. I will be changing colors as I go. I did the colors in the pattern in sharp contrasts so that they would be easy to read.

If I did it in the colors that I will probably use, it would be difficult to separate one color from the one next to it, in a lot of instances.

I plan to do a lot of blackwork type stitches over the top of it after I get the basic colors blocked in.

This pattern is going to look better in an informal setting. Maybe even a mid century room.

The one for Tessie's living room is coming along nicely. I work on one end and Tessie sneaks in and works on the other. She tugs a lot and makes it difficult to work.

Don't tell her that I told you. She reversed the ends of the rug for the photo. I did the end that she is so intently working on now. She did the start of a checkerboard pattern on the other end...

When I get a little further along, I will give you a close up of my end and tell you about the procedure.

I am doing the blackwork method on this one too.

Now for the score....

It's official. Zar has scored the new fireplace. He suggested that it would look good in the radio case as a gentleman's study.

It fits the space perfectly. Maybe a bookcase on either side of the fireplace and a couple of wing chairs will have to be built.

I am starting to see visions of what it will look like. I am thinking maybe a parquet floor like the one in the Regency room box. That one has a herringbone pattern in walnut. I did that floor when I first started in minis. It was one of those things that, nobody told me that I couldn't do it with the tools I had, so I forged ahead and did it. Believe it or not, I did it with an Exacto knife, a steel ruler and a big stack of sandpaper! It took a lot of work, but it came out great. I do have to add that I am very happy that I have a Micro Lux saw to use, if I decide to repeat the process!

Tessie is now madly searching for a place to put the German stove. She is afraid that I will actually pull the Clockwork Cottage down and work on the kitchen.

It all started when Eskiaga claimed the kachina doll. Now that Zar has grabbed the fireplace AND the radio cabinet, she is getting really worried. Never mind that I am working on the townhouse night and day....Others are encroaching on her territory!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

What exciting plans you have, Casey! It will be fun to watch. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the rug. I must say that I love the checkerboard pattern in zentangles. Have a nice, productive day! Poor Tessie, I do hope she finds a place for the stove.

Kathi said...

That radio cabinet is awesome!
Maybe I should get back to that little pillow I started stitching... Your rug is going to be amazing!

Troy said...

I love that radio case - and the rug. I have never attempted to stitch a rug, but its on my list of things to try. My only advice on where to put the stove would be to mail it to Troy in Tulsa!! ;)

Caseymini said...

Nice try Troy, but it's not going to happen. I don't know where it is at present....Tessie hid it!