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Friday, February 3, 2012

Oops! I Hit It Again.....

For those of you that open this and find only photos, I apologise! I got the photos loaded and accidentally tapped a button with my right pinkie finger. It published. I can't figure out what button does that and why.

This morning I was working on the back of the sofa. Evidently, not fast enough.

Tessie climbed onto the seat and started grabbing the thread. I kept having to tug at it to keep going....

She watched, clicked her tongue and told me, "You're not doing it right! You are way too slow. If I were doing it, the sofa would be done by now and I would be sitting on it.".

"Tessie, you are sitting on it." I said.

She was clearly in an argumentative mood. "No, I am kneeling on it and feeding you the thread, to keep it from tangling.".

"I suppose that you could do it better and faster?" I asked.

"I suppose that I could!". With that, she grabbed the thread, leaped over the back and started weaving...

Hey! Who am I to argue when someone else wants to work while I go do something else?

Since she took over, I cleaned out the fridge, fed the birds and squirrels, took out some garbage and cooked a turkey breast.

The only problem is, I don't think that she has gotten even a row done. She keeps ripping it out and redoing it.

I am going to let her keep going for now. It is keeping her busy and out of my hair while I do big people things, as she calls them. I just hope that she doesn't wear the thread out.

I will kick her out after I am done writing. Tomorrow we should have a finished sofa for you to look at.

I did eight more of the Zentangles last night. The little ones for the printer's drawer go pretty fast.

I got the top three done and then started on the left of the second row. Yup. I screw things up sometimes too. I didn't like the start, so I just went on to the next one. That's the nice thing about these. It's no big deal if you mess one up.

I tried out some colored pens in the icky square. The pens bleed. I won't be using those on the tangles. I wouldn't anyway. I want all of the ones in the typesetter's drawer to be black and white.

So far, I have been a bad influence on six of my friends. They have all tried it and are now confessed addicts to Zentangle.

I used to do these and mandalas in college. I just didn't have a name for the tangled ones.

Now I don't have to say I am doodling. It is a legitimate art form!

I guess that I should go see how Tessie is doing with her tangling. I do hope that she finished the sofa.....I can dream, can't I?

See you tomorrow.


Heather said...

These pictures are so wonderful, and she is so diligent in her work! It certainly must be a help to have such tiny hands XD
... can she come over here after she finishes and make one for my girls? 0_0

Josje said...

Your Zentangles are fantastic! I love the one bottom right. You must have been influenced by Tessie busy with the weaving on that one ;-)

-P- said...

I admire your patience with this weaving work.. (and with Tessie.. teehee..) It's going to be so beautiful!

And I must thank you for this zentangle-thing, I've been doodling all my life, especially during math-lessons in high-school, and now it finally has some meaning!!

Miniatures by Natalia said...

Even Tessie has her days (about arguing). Anyway, you girls, doing great job together. I am sure, tomorrow the sofa will be done and Tessie will be resting on it.

Lucille said...

Casey, I've just been looking at You Tubes of zentangles. They had a soft flute playing and a bit of drumbeat. It's such an interesting art. They said it was very good for blood pressure because it's apparently very relaxing. I have just been admiring the ones you did on the first day, you know the big ones. They're so beautiful. The others are also, it's just that those are bigger. One of them reminds me of the back of a woman's head with a very complicated hairdo. It was so relaxing to watch that I kept dosing off from time to time. Funny, eh! Oh well, if I sit too long, I usually get bone tired and sleepy! It must be my age. Sigh!!! Anyways, I have not yet tried it, but I will tomorrow. Thanks a lot for introducing it!

carmen said...


unicornio said...

You are the BEST!!!!Your work is wonderful. Thank you very much for your" tutoriales". Hugs,Matilde.