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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wicker Rocker, Wicker Rocker, Wicker Rocker....

Say that three times fast! I even had trouble typing it three times fast....

We still have no decision on the sofa. Tessie announced that a big ol' wicker rocker would be cool. To quote her, "I have never had a wicker rocker in my whole life. I really need a wicker rocker....I like saying wicker rocker and how am I going to keep saying wicker rocker if I don't have one to talk about?".

I guess, in a round about way, that is a logical question. At least in Tessie's mind it is.

So I decided to do a wicker rocker....That is fun to say.

I dragged out the wicker drawer and found a base that has been sitting around just waiting and Tessie dragged out all of the wicker books in the place.

She found several that she kind of liked, but not quite. I guess that, with her help, I will just wing it.

This is all that I need to do it.

One base made of walnut. I would need a drill if I hadn't found one that already had 57 small holes and 4 large ones drilled into it. The larger ones are for the legs and upper supports and they are 18 gage cloth covered wire. They are cut 5" long....They were already cut. I usually cut them 4", but I left them longer just for fun. The 24 gage wire is cut in a length between 4 and 5 inches. I am not very exact on these because they will all have to be trimmed after the chair is done anyway.

First I put the larger wires in place and glue them so that there is 1" sticking out of the bottom. If I were making a regular chair, I would measure 1 1/4" below the seat. The rockers will make the chair a bit higher, so the difference is made up for in the legs.

I glue those with white glue and let them dry. Then I put in the thinner wires.

I forgot to mention that the ones on the front apron of the chair are cut to about 2".

I always do my chairs with a rolled front. I like that finish much better than just having it hang down underneath. Therefore, I glue them in above instead of below the seat.

Now we walk away and let the glue dry. By the way, I am using Aileen's for this.

I am using DMC Cebella #20 crochet thread for the weaving. I use the bee's wax to run the thread through. This makes the thread smoother and stronger. All of the thread on the chair will be treated this way.

I start at the left side of the front and glue the end to the seat, behind the wires/reeds. Then, one at a time, I circle each of the wires all the way across. I then come back the other way, this time the thread is looped around each reed in the opposite direction.

Then the third row is the same as the first. This gives a finished look to the top of the apron. From there, I start doing an over and under weave back and forth.

In this photo you can see that I have started bending the wires over the front edge. I will keep going with the plain weaving until the edge of the weaving is even with the bottom of the front edge and covers it.

You will have to stay tuned. Tomorrow I will start working the base of the chair.

See you then.


Claudia said...

Casey, your wicker work always impresses me so. I'm proud to own one of your beautiful wicker chairs.


Kathi said...

Me too!
I love my white wicker chair!

It will be fun to see how you do the rocker part...

Wicker rocker, wicker rocker, wicker rocker! Yea! :D