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Monday, January 9, 2012

Waiting For the Glue to Dry.....

I fixed the table leg this morning and what did Tessie and Zar do? Seriously. They settled in to watch the glue dry.

So far, so good. Tessie fell on her nose a couple of times, but picked herself up, dusted herself off and went right back to watching....

Personally, I don't get the fascination that they seem to have for this activity. I don't think that Zar is as enthralled with it as Tessie is. He just seems to be hanging around to keep her from falling off the table again.

In order to fix the table, I had Walter help me move the townhouse down to the floor last night. Of course the cats immediately thought that I was giving it to them as a playhouse.

I covered it with a sheet and pinned that in place around the house to keep them out. That seemed to work.

However, the cats were very disappointed.

Cordelia made up for my mean spirited actions with a little help from her friend, Tessie.

I wasn't happy with the worktable in the bedroom. There's not enough natural light in there. I moved that back into the family room, where it was before. I will probably wait until tomorrow to move the house back onto it.

I wonder how much Tessie would charge to zap it?......Probably an arm and a leg.

Back to Cordelia. She got Tessie to zap the house, table and all into the bedroom. Then she wheedled a new table covering out of me.

When I put it on, she made sure that I left a couple of openings in the back corners...OK....The table doesn't have corners, but I think you know what I mean.

Anyway, Widget is now happily asleep in his new tent. It won't be long before Mookie is under there too.

Sorry that this is a little short on minis today, but I still have a lot of moving to do before nightfall.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I love your cat stories, Casey. They must have been so disappointed not to be allowed to take up residence in the dollhouse. Under the table is so much cosier anyways. I love your tablecloth!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, the black and white part of the table covering is simply a piece of yardage that I cut in two and draped over the table. The top one is an antique Italian cutwork one that I found in a thrift shop for very little money...It had a hole in the center. That's where dollhouses do miracles. I just plonked it down on top of the hole....What hole?LOL

Kathi said...

Love Zar's spiffy new tie! I don't see what they find so interesting in watching glue dry? I sure don't enjoy it!

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I am sure glad that you like the new tie....It's the same one he has had on since I put the bloomers on him, months ago!LOL I didn't change the shirt or tie. BTW Grandma's hair is looking good!