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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tessie Wants to Meet Him....

We went to the Gem Show this morning. We both forgot our cameras, but Walter had his phone. The very first thing we saw was this...He is between 7 and 8 feet tall and very well mannered.

As soon as Tessie got a load of him, she wanted to meet him. He is made of tools, gears and various motorcycle parts of all shapes and sizes.

She seems to think that he would be a great addition to our front yard...I think that the neighbors would run us out of town! Really cool though.

I didn't get too carried away. I plan to go back later in the week.
One of the first, and most original things that I bought were these copper splashes. They are made by dropping melted copper on a flat surface and then hitting them with an acetylene torch at different temperatures to get the colors. The photo doesn't do them justice. I think that I can use them for both miniatures and jewelry work. Irresistible.The ring that Tessie is wearing is one that I got from Walter. I always hit the same booth for rings. It is a lady from China that has hundreds of different ones. It is hard to choose.

I may have to arm wrestle Tessie to get it back.

Here's the rest of the stash....So far. Did I tell you that the bead shows start on Wednesday? I will be forced to go to at least one of the venues for that.

A lot of the things that you see will be used for mini as well as big. I took a little closer shot here so that you can see some of the findings that I got for a dollar a bag.

The white and brown beads to the left are carved bone. I think that they may work for legs on mini furniture.

The ones on the far right are toggle closings for jewelry, but the round ring parts will make perfect picture frames. There are 8 sets per bag. Sixteen mini frames for 2.oo. Not to shabby.

Anyway, as soon as I grapple with Tessie for the ring(and hopefully win) I will have to see what I can do with some of the loot.

I am off to play now.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Hi Casey! Wonderful shopping trip! It's so nice to spoil ourselves once in a while. That's a handsome ring you got for Walter. You did not say what are those big things that look like sticks next to the turquoise beads. I have never before seen nor heard of copper splashes before. They're very colourful. I wonder what you will be doing with them. Very nice!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, the ring is for me. The "white things are th bone beads that I am going to try to use for legs and spindles in mini. I probably didn't word that quite right...

Lucille said...

Casey, LOL, so sorry. That ring is beautiful and I did think upon looking at it that it looked more like a woman's ring. It's actually very feminine. But because I misunderstood and thought that you had bought it for Walter, I was being polite. I feel so stupid! I went back and read what you wrote and you did say that it's a ring you got from Walter. Sorry about that. I'm sure that my face must be all red because it sure feels warm! Oh, well, I'm sure you'll think of me when you wear it and get a good laugh!

Kathi said...

Love your ring! Those little copper splashes are amazing! Love them too.
Wish I could join you at the bead show! Please take your camera when you go. :D Will Tessie be going with you?

Claudia said...

You did well! I'm fascinated by the copper splashes - I've never seen anything like them before.


Miniatures by Natalia said...

Congratulations on your purchase. Tessie has a very interesting taste, I mean a dinosaur... He looks scary for me.

Caseymini said...

Lucille, we all skim over things sometimes. I will definitely think of you warmly when I wear the ring.LOL