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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Last Step.....

This morning I had to go to MVD and get a renewal on my driver's license. They ask for at least two forms of ID including the old driver's license and one other such as your certified birth certificate.... They took the old license and never once asked to see anything else. I guess that the ugly photo that they took of me last time does look like me after all!

Oh well...To celebrate,(I passed) I went thrift shopping and to the antique mall after I finished.

First I have to tell you about finishing the chair...Then on to the important stuff.

I measured the inside of the chair bottom for the cushion. It was exactly 1 3/4" square. I cut out a piece of foam core in that size and rounded two corners for the back.

I glued two thicknesses of quilt batting to the board and trimmed the edges to match.

Then I cut a piece of fabric, that Tessie picked out, about 1/2 to 3/4 " all around. I centered the fabric over the fuzzy side and wrapped it like a package around to the back and glued it all around. I nipped here and tucked there on the corners so that there would not be much bulk.

I then took 6 one yard lengths of the thread and put a knot in one end. I pinned it to a pillow and braided the whole thing.

This is the edging for the chair. It goes around the top, the seat and the bottom.

The top goes from one end of the arms to the other, covering the ends of the wires. The center one goes from the edge of the wicker on the front, around the side, back and other side. It is cut flush with the edge of the wicker on both ends. You must put some white glue on the back of the braid before you cut it, so that it won't ravel. The bottom one starts a the center of the back edge. It goes all of the way around, following the edge of the chair. When you get back to the center back again, glue and cut it to butt up against the beginning.

I used some of what was left to go around the cushion. I only had a small piece left after that. It takes a lot of braiding.

Here it is! I hope you like it.
And the horse? I found it at the 22nd St. Antique Mall. It's a Brayer. I'm not sure if I spelled that right. Anyway, I thought that it looked like a perfect starter horse for Tessie....

She saw it and the first thing she said was, "Tell Cordelia that she can have the stupid chair! I am taking the horse to sit on. He Rocks!!!"

I think that there was a pun intended in that one.

I now have tiny hoof prints on my tables.

I have to show you the rest of the loot.

I found all of it at a tiny little thrift shop that I had not been in for a long time. I'm glad that I stopped. I spent all of five dollars and made out like a bandit.

First there is a punch needle(with fine point included) for 50 cents!

Then there is a puce tin with a window in it. Tessie may get to spend time in there if she keeps being a brat.(1.00)

The white thing behind her is some kind of carrying case made of fine even weave nylon mesh. I am going to use that for needlepoint. I know it will work because several years ago, I found a men's kit for toiletries for Walter. It had an inset of that and rather than leave it plain, I embroidered his initials on it.

The pile that you see down front is a 28.00 fine cross stitch kit that was never even opened. I got that for 3.00! The fabric is fine even weave. I haven't measured it, but it looks like about 28 or 30. There is enough thread to cover the whole thing....That's a LOT of thread.

I have several back up patterns for rugs that I have designed, but not yet stitched. Here we go again....That piece of fabric will make quite a few rugs. I can't wait to get started....The kit even included the needle.

First I need to corral Tessie and the new horse... I heard her telling the horse, "Casey will make you a saddle and bridle. Bare back is uncomfortable....Yes. A saddle with lots of padding and a nice fluffy horse blanket..." And so on and so forth....

On second thought, I am going to go hide instead of looking for trouble.

See you tomorrow.


anna said...

Well, horse prints are for good luck!!!! I am sure you will come up with a lot of items for the does look beautiful!

Merri said...

So who's elected to pick up the horse poo? Wait..nevermind. I think I already know, unless you can talk Zar into doing the shoveling.

You DID make out like a bandit at the thrift store! Good hunting!

Lucille said...

That was a great shopping trip. Now I feel like going to a thrift shop after seeing all that loot of yours. Tessie looks pretty good riding that horse. I can't wait for you to put her in that can. That will be so funny!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, I am afraid to put Tessie in the can for doing nothing....She would surely retaliate in a big way!!

Merri, this is the perfect horse. No poo!LOL

Anna, I might try a bridle, but Tessie is going to have to ride bare back for the time being.

Eliza said...

Great finds! You've probobly seen it already, but Dana of MiniatureArt has a tutorial about customizing those horses for miniature use.
Here's the link, in case you are interested.

Browny said...

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial I definatly learnt some new things that I will but into good use.