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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Illustrating What Can Be Done...

We went over to April's to decorate their Christmas tree yesterday afternoon. Tessie and Zar stayed home and worked.

Since this house was five dollars at a thrift store, it was just a shell. No trim or other parts were included.

Tessie and Zar raided my store of Illustration board and went to work right after we left.

Tessie took a scrap of paper and did tracings of the arched windows and door. then they laid that down on the board and traced around it. they did another line outside of that for the outer edge of the frames. Then they cut them out and painted them.

The then glued them in place and clamped them until they were dry.

They found my stash of clips and mini clothespins for that task.

I recorded a conversation between them that went like this.

Tessie: "It's blah! It needs fancy trim."

Zar: "Where are we going to get fancy trim? Casey doesn't have any."

Tessie:"No, but I know where she keeps the jump up and down on punches.".

So, they disappeared out of camera range for a while. When they returned, Zar started poking index cards into the punch and Tessie jumped up and down on the lever that cuts fancy corners.

I used these self same corners when I did Hubert's Haberdashery. That must be where Tessie got the idea.

What you do is cut out five of the design and glue them in a stack. They come out about 1/16" thick when you do that. Let them dry and paint them. Let them dry again and stick them to the building. Fancy fretwork is the result.

They have only just started fancying up the party house. At least the outside is almost finished.

On to the inside......If they don't decide to quit...

April invited both of them to come over and sit in her tree on Christmas day. I don't think that I am going to tell them that until they finish the house. I want to see them finish it. Don't you?

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

When those little guys put their mind to something, they certainly stick to it. Cute pictures of them hard at work!

jeanuhlik said...

YES!! I really want them to finish. I couldn't stand it, I had to check up on the early today (not my normal 8:30 visit). How fun!! (I keep saying that, don't I?) But it is so much fun watching the little folks on your spy camera. I only wish I had some fancy "jump up and down thingys" like you have, the fret work is absolutely marvelous!!! You have such a creative mind!! ((HUGGS)

-P- said...

Honestly, I never would have believed that those two were capable of doing all that. Are you sure they are not cheating some how? And you have to clean up the mess afterwards? Well, anyway, it's looking very good! Cant wait to see the outcome! :D

Kathi said...

Those two are really fast workers! I wonder if I could hire them to help me???
I need one of those "jump up and down thingys" too. They will never be called anything else over here. :D
I would have never thought to stack punches together. Brilliant!

Kathi said...

Ooopppp. I meant "jump up and down thingys." LOL

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I'll be checking back to see if they finished.

Norma said...

The use of punches to get the pretty trims is great. I need to go and check out the punch aisle next time I'm at the papercraft store - they little devils have inspired me :)