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Monday, December 12, 2011

Cleaning Out Big and Little....

Today is a dreary Monday and thank goodness I don't have to hang my clothes outside on a clothes line. It has been raining all morning....Drizzling....Icky....Wet...

It's OK though. I need to do my Monday cleaning and laundry and so does Tessie...

At least that's what she tells me she is doing.

She spent from 9 to 10 in the confines of my UFO drawer for beading. This is definitely in need of organizing. The six year old has been at it again....However, my room is as clean as the last time you saw it. I have been being good. Putting away as I finish, before going to the next project.

From 10 to 10:14, Tessie managed to keep herself entertained in my box of unfinished spirit bags. I won't tell you how long these have been unfinished, but some of the fancy ribbon that I made these from hasn't been sold in stores for about 15 years....I did finish a lot of these when they were popular. I wasn't sure why I still had them and attempted to put them in the donation bag in the garage when Tessie spotted them. She grabbed one and announced, "This will be a good project when you don't have anything to keep you busy. All of these can be cut down and made into Eco friendly shopping bags for me. Recycle and reuse, you know!". It seems to me that by the time I get them all cut down for her use, she will loose interest in them and want a bigger, better bag.

Next, she found the big jar where I keep the spare parts for the Russian Cottage. She turned to me and informed me, "You know? You can't keep a whole cottage in this jar. I don't think that, even if you stomped it down with your big old foot, you could get the whole thing in there." Then she turned around and spotted the cottage on top of the bookcase, where all unfinished houses go to live. She then had the audacity to tell me that I lied and insisted that I change the label on the container to read...."Russian Cottage Unattached Parts". She is very specific about content labels.

After I refused to make new labels for about half of the storage in the workroom, she flounced out. I like it when she gets miffed at me. She goes somewhere, where I'm not, and pouts.

I finally found her in the bedroom clutching the third gourd basket that I finished yesterday....Of course all she would say was..."Mine. It's my basket. No....You can't have it back."

This one is more experimental. I finished it off with a vine going down the front. All of the "leaves" are jade chips. I ended up coiling a bottom to match the top and glued it to the gourd.

I don't guess that I am going to be able to keep that one for now. She trotted off to the townhouse with it over her head.

I asked her what she was doing and she answered with, "Well! It is still raining and you never made me an umbrella....I need an umbrella....Make me an umbrella...NOW!"

If she doesn't cut it out, I am going to make her the umbrella. I wonder if she would like to be a red umbrella or a blue one? She's asking for it.....Zap! Tessie, you are an umbrella!!!

See you tomorrow...Maybe even with a newly made umbrella that is Tessie....


Kathi said...

Love your latest basket! It's hard to believe that it is as small as it is. Looks lovely!
Hope the suns for your soon. It's cloudy, cold and dreary here too.
Makes me want to get under my warm blanket with my little weiner dogs!

PS No hair here yet? Lost in space maybe? LOL

MerriMagic said...

Make it a puce umbrella. Tessie always did like puce.

Lucille said...

Lovely and colourful bits and pieces that you have in your stash. That last gourd basket is so beautifully made. It never ceases to amaze me, Casey, what you can do with just about anything you put your hands on! If you make Tessie an umbrella, she might think she's Mary Poppins and start flying around with it!

Caseymini said...

No....You didn't get it....I am going to make Tessie THE umbrella. You know...Like, "Zap! Tessie,YOU are an umbrella!LOL

Kathi, It takes a while to get there from out here where we use the Pony Express to send things. I hope it comes soon. It's Christmas, but it has been about a week!

JJ said...

I loved the basket! its beautifull, i dont blame tessie for wanting it!!!!!