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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Was Wrong!

Not all vinyl wallpaper is created equal...The floors came up easily. They were textured paper with a net backing....We aren't going to talk about the paper that I used on the dining room and top bedroom walls....Both of those rooms were terrible.

Since Ajax discontinued the cleaner that I used to use for cleaning up old houses, I resorted to the next best thing. Clorox wipes work pretty well. I wet the walls by going over them with the wipes and pulling the top layer of wallpaper(vinyl part) off in a few larger pieces...Kind of. Some of the larger pieces weren't so large. Maybe by 1/2" scale they were, but by my standards...Not so much.

At least the floors came up in one piece, so all I will have to do with those is draw around them and cut new pieces.

I also pulled off all of the plastic brick. That stuff may be one of the reasons that I came to a stand still. I remember now that I had a terrible time getting them to bend and stick to the house right. I finally resorted to clear silicone sealer.

That is kind of like when we were kids and painted our fingers with rubber cement so that we could peel it off. I had sealer all over the place. That was sort of fun in a way.

This morning I got up and painted the edge trim and all of the moldings inside white. I am trying to decide if I want to pull all of the nice molding out of the living room to take the paper off, leave it as it is, or paint over the paper.

I like the paper in the bedroom. It would be easy enough to take out, but I am leaning towards keeping it. It is a nice neutral background.

I did get some of the shingles put on one side of the back roof this morning. It took me about an hour....That's over a hundred shingles on that little patch. One at a time.....I think that I have mentioned before. I HATE SHINGLES! I don't know anybody that likes that particular job.

Meanwhile, Tessie has been very helpful....It is making me very nervous. She found the 1/2" scale zebra rug I made on #40 canvas with silk thread...She found a case of coke....There is a roasted chicken that a friend made and assorted pots and pans.

She sat there in the attic for a while giggling to herself and fingering the items she found. Then she disappeared and I heard mad laughter coming from the workroom.... She is definitely up to no good...

See you tomorrow.


Teresa said...

Maybe she is planning a house for mini Tessie. Half scale! Then you can have a half scale Tessie telling you what to do!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. That is one cute little house! I'll be following along with your renovation.

Norma said...

Oh dear, I certainly sympathise with the vinyl wallpaper drama, I've spent many an hour trying to get it off real house walls and eventually resorted to a steamer once the vinyl covering was off. Typical Tessie I bet she was nowhere to be seen when there was hard work to be done! And of course she's up to no good - it's in her DNA! :)

Amy said...

How exciting!

Claudia said...

You're getting me anxious to start working on mine, Casey! I don't have all that much more to do on the 1'' scale dollhouse - then I have to furnish it and that may take a while! So I'm thinking it will be time to start the 1/2" house.


Lady Jane said...

I redid a house a couple of years ago for my friends granddaughter and I actually used a travel steamer to get the wall paper off. It worked and did not affect the wood which surprised me. It was an extremely well made house. I will have fun watching your posts. LJ