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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Halloween Is Over!!!"

That was Tessie's pronouncement yesterday afternoon....She followed it with, "I am sick of trying to bend over with a bat stuck to my stomach.

I'll bet that you thought that I wasn't going to work on the house....

I only stopped long enough to shut Tessie up. She insisted upon going back to her dress/apron combination. I didn't fight her much, because I knew that I wouldn't win.

She is now happily back in her normal white dress with apron.

She announced, "Now I can get some serious work done!"

I looked around to see who had cast the "work spell" over her. Hmmmmm...Nobody....But she was in a good mood, so I wasn't going to question her too closely.

This morning, I made the final decision about the roof. It is definitely going to be slate.

The first step was to cover the stain with Hippo Gray and some smudges here and there as I went along, of Trail Tan. That knocks down some of the bluish tint and makes it more compatible with the walls.

Here you see it with just the paint.

Then I started shading.

With Tessie holding the extra pencil, that went pretty fast. I used the silver Prismacolor to shade along the top front edge of each row of shingles. I laid the pencil on its side and ran it along the edge.

Then I used the Burnt Umber to run under the edge at the top of each row. That makes the shingles have more dimension.

I took both pencils, still on their sides, and ran them down the length of the roof lightly, here and there.

When I finish the whole roof to this point, I will then go back with a couple of other metallic colors of the pencils. This will bring the whole roof out into the sunlight.

I am still administering shingles to the side that you can't see. One...At...A...Time. Someone said that I should use a paper template. I don't like that method. For me, the paper in between the shingles and the roof adds thickness that I don't want. It also changes the character of the roof. If you do it directly on the roof, you can see how it is going to look as you go. I just prefer the long way around. So it isn't as fast, but I think that it looks better when I finish.

One other thing to report...I have EVERYTHING up off of the floor in my workroom. Most is in the proper drawer or receptacle. Notice, I didn't say that I had finished cleaning out each and every drawer yet...I do however, have several empty drawers and a couple of shelves that don't have anything on them....I count that as progress. I may just have to have a workroom warming when I get done....No. On second thought, Tessie and friends aren't partying in my workroom! I would have to start again from scratch! No way!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Thanks for showing how you do the slate roof, Casey. I also glued my shingles directly on the roof. But, I was following your example when I did that. They did turn out very well. One small mini accomplishment for me. LOL! More to go, I hope. Congrats on the progress in your workroom!

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

Yeay!!! Wonderful shingles!!!! Love the slate look! Hugs, Morena