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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baker's Dozen Plus One....

I am still whittling away at the drawers in the workroom. This morning I ran across some old kits that I had for classes and sales a while ago, for Penelope canvas baskets. To be specific, fourteen of them.

Tessie, in all of her wisdom, suggested that I finish them. According to her, "You might as well have useful finished baskets, as a bunch of plastic bags full of junk!"

Actually, that made sense. Someone please tell me that I am not starting to think like Tessie!

I sorted through them and realized that there were really only two types. Not wanting them all the same, I cut down the side canvas of some of them. I then trimmed them and glued the bottom edge of the canvas to the base. I had cut them to size, with just one group of threads overlapping at the starting point.

I took this photo of Tessie when I was half way done putting them together....OK....So I took a few minutes out to look at the new beading magazine that I purchased along with the groceries this morning. Hey! I have to take a break once in a while.

When I got to the back cover, I had to put it in the photo. See that tree? It's all made out of copper wire and beads! I am now wondering about a beaded garden in miniature.... Very pretty tree....

Anyway, back to work. I have completed the assembly of fourteen baskets. Now I can start the fun part. They will all get a woven design with two strands of embroidery floss.

Tessie is pretty good at that part too. We will be stitching this afternoon.

I have to go dig up the boxes of floss.

See you tomorrow with finished baskets and instructions on the stitches I use.


dale's dreams said...


These would be great in a modern house filled with things like magazines and yarn, etc. :)

Lucille said...

Cute baskets that will come in handy for future projects. That wire tree would look special in a mini scene!

Merri said...

Lordy, you are energetic! I feel like a useless slug next to you! Love all those baskets, and can hardly wait to see how you decorate em. The bead & wire tree is cool..a garden could be fun. But you're better suited to do it than have endless energy, lady! I always love looking at your blog, you are a true inspiration to us slug-a-beds.

RiS said...

lovely size and design baskets!

Lataina said...

I love me some baskets! Can't wait to see the stitching. =)