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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Witching Hour Is Almost Here......

I am afraid that I really have done very little in mini this weekend. I did get a little more done on the center of the rug...Very little.

Sunday morning I got up with a ouchy knee. I don't know what I did to my left leg, but it felt like I pulled a muscle or something, so I have been trying to stay off of it some.

I did ask Walter to bring in the storage tubs with the Halloween decorations...I thought that there were two. I evidently rearranged things and threw away some. He brought in two tubs and I found that one contained Daisy. I haven't used her for a few years.

She is in need of some plastic surgery and other refurbishing. I sculpted Daisy about 30 years ago, when soft sculpture was a popular pastime. Hey! If you had spent the past ten years curled up in a box, you would probably be in need of some help too!

When I put her together, I made her my size and used a size ten Vogue basic pattern....She has spread out a bit since then...OK...So have I. I discovered that her head swelled. I think that the nylon that I used has lost some of it's elasticity. I may have to get out the old sculpting needle and work on her a bit.

In case you are wondering, she has real glass eyes. I knew someone that had a relative that worked with a prosthesis maker and he gave me quite a few of them. Don't worry. Nobody's missing an eye. They were rejects...In fact, the typesetter's drawer behind her has some of them in it. If she loses one, she has lots of spares. I need to dig up her turn of the century shoes too. She is a witch and she does need her hat...Maybe a new one.

This is George. He is the intelligent one in the family. He hangs out in the bookcase and reads a lot.

Last, but not least, this is Gertie. She has some kind of a spinning mechanism under her skirt that revolves(she doesn't revolve) and makes the fiber optics in her hair, broom and pumpkin change colors all the time.

When I got her she was just dressed in cheap black material. I thought that she deserved better. Her apron is antique lace and her dress is much nicer than the original.

Actually, she did deserve better. She has been coming back and lighting up the party for about 8 years now. Old reliable.

Anyway, sorry for the non mini content and I can't even tap dance to entertain you ....Never could.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. Rest, ice, compression and elevation. RICE it. :D
I love your Halloween people. They seem right at home.

Merri said...

Hey, everyone needs time off as the holidays come up. I love your witchy 'extra' friends.

I'm currently dealing with five sick cats, so I'm behind in everything. Your blog, as usual, brightened my day. :) Thanks!

Lucille said...

Take care, Casey. Hope you will soon be feeling better. Your dolls are super nice!

Jean Tuthill said...

Nice to meet Daisy, george and Gertie. They are extra special and sure to make your Halloween Happy!