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Friday, October 21, 2011

Senility Sets In.....

I was supposed to go out with April this morning to hunt for a new sofa. When I got up, I had a runny nose and part of a headache, so I called and cancelled.

I wasn't really in a mood to do anything adventurous, so I opted to turn on Netflix and kind of watch Vampire Diaries while looking for something to do.

I made the mistake of leaving my notebook of rugs out on the bed and Tessie found it.

Before I could get it away from her, she announced, "You know, rug making cures sinus headaches and your nose will stop running."

By that time, she had three patterns picked out. Of course, she opted for the one with the complicated center and corners....Those don't cure headaches. They bring on headaches.

She ignored me when I tried to tell her that. Then she proceeded to go through all three of my floss cases, that were in numerical order before she started pawing the contents.

She picked out three colors of green, two of a puce-y pink, two blue, a yellow and an off white for the background. She did that with the help of Widget....He was not really that thrilled with having cards of thread shoved under his nose whilst trying to sleep.

Somehow, Tessie gets away with things that other people don't, when it comes to the cats. They seem to tolerate her much better than they do me. I would have been minus a couple of fingers if it had been me poking him with cards and asking which color smelled the best....

No....He didn't snap her head off after the photo was taken. She got away with it again! How does she do that?

I looked all over the blog to see if I had put the pattern for this rug on yet. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Either I haven't put it on, or I forgot to list it under the "rugs" section. Does anybody recognize this one? I told you....Senility is setting in....

See you tomorrow.


Virginia Isabel said...

la alfombra va a quedar genial.

Snowfern said...

i wish i had a cat :P

the pattern looks lovely, can't wait to see the finished product (although WIP pics are very interesting too ;P)

Susi said...

Deberias darle aguja e hilo y que te ayuden los dos, Cada uno en una esquina¡¡¡
Tienes mucho trabajo por delante, un beso.

Make It Small said...

Your helpers chose very well. The rug will be lovely. I hope you soon feel better. Gill x

dale's dreams said...

That is one tolerant cat!

The rug pattern looks lovely, I hope you feel better soon. :)