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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From My Point of View.....

OK....I am back at it and getting really serious now. I am to the point where I can actually sit at my desk and enjoy the view. I don't think that I have ever shown you what I look at when I sit there. Please poke the photos to see them better. Don't forget to press Ctrl and + to get them even closer.

Directly in front of me are a couple of coat racks filled with hanks of size 11 seed beads and with them are various spirit bags that are knitted with beads, a terracotta suede bag with a mother of pearl pin that was my grandmother's beaded on the front, and other silly things like a branch that I liked from the mesquite tree and a knot hole from a piece of barn wood that I collected in a ghost town down close to the Mexican border many years ago. Oh! One really important thing....My Micro Lux mini saw

If I look to the left, I see lots of my favorite books, a photo of April that was taken the day that she was born, a hand painted metal tray from the 30s, and various unfinished boxes and a birdcage on top....Yup. more projects.

I kind of blocked out the TV, so that you won't think that I am loafing instead of working.

The top of the desk is actually clean now and I can work there.

See the two guys sitting on boxes in the middle? They are some of those skeletons from the Dollar Tree that come four to the strand. They are waiting to be used for Halloween. I don't know how many of those I have gone through over the past few years. How did I get them to sit down? It's pretty easy. You can pose them by cutting them apart at the joints and gluing them back together. I use a combination of super glue gel and Aleene's Fast Grab. Then I post them and let them dry. Sometimes I have to prop them up with other items until they are dry. Stay tuned to see where they end up.

I have the Wednesday Witch's Halloween party on the last Wednesday of the month. They will be honored guests.

Last of all...I found this! It is one of Zar's earlier vests. This one is suede and doesn't need hemming.

It is a really easy one to do. If you have any men that could use a vest, this is a good starting point. Your man may be a bit smaller or larger, so do cut out the pattern in fabric and try it on first, before cutting the suede or leather.

From point to point of the front, it is four inches for Zar. That includes the overlap.

After it fits right, all you do is glue the front of the shoulders over the back and the fronts overlapped. I used dimensional paint for the buttons on this one, but you can also use beads or a 1/16" punch to cut out buttons.

I am going back now and sit and look at the view as I sort more of the laundry basket....Maybe one of these days I will be finished. I am nothing, if not determined...

See you tomorrow.


Eliza said...

I love seeing your workspace. I can't believe how many supplies you fit into that room!
I've heard that you can pose some skeletons by boiling them in water and bending them before they cool hot. Have you tried that?

Heather said...

Ohhh my golly gosh! I have the same skeletons!

I'm still fiddling around with making the skele-table stand up straight, and maybe a better tabletop, but the skeletons sure are fun!

Lucille said...

It's looking good, Casey. Courage, you'll get there. I know how hard it is going through all the little bits and pieces, sorting them and putting them away. It's the thing I hate the most when I do my spring and fall cleaning which I'll be starting any day now if I can just psyche myself.

Caseymini said...

Lucille,I have decided that doing the sorting for at least an hour a day will get it done sooner or later. That is, if I put things back where they belong when I am finished with them....So far, so good....

cassandra ludwig-malone toth said...

I appreciate seeing your workspace and also where you put your houses, edifices rather, about your house.

It is an ongoing struggle with ones workspace, war is perhaps a better word and some days we win battles.

Those skeletons at first kind of freaked me out but then I just had to have some if I could get them - and I did! I'm liking the little fellows (why are they always male?) more and more.

Thanks Casey, you are SUCH an inspiration.