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Friday, October 14, 2011

Done in a Flash....Almost.

After I left you yesterday, I did some more of the black work. I used the "darning" method to finish it. That is, I did it in running stitches and one element of the design at a time, instead of finishing each motif before going on to the next.

I found, by doing this, several new borders that would be nice on miniature linens.

I did three rows of running stitches, four threads apart as called for in the pattern. Then I made the center four thread stitches into double cross stitches. That made a nice, simple border.

When I added the outer border of cross stitches with vertical short stitches between and the two inner stitches of the pattern, it looked a bit more complicated, but still interesting.

Last I went back and added the final diagonal stitches to finish the design.

Doing it this way, I cut down on the time it took considerably.

Tessie cheated. She finished her part by using the needle as a wand and cast a spell on her side of the coverlet. Next time I am not going to bother....I am just going to let her do it.

I moved it in by the computer to take the last photo. Better light.

I am happy with just the border on it. The rest of the bed is so busy that it is better to keep it simple.

Now all I need to do is finish the bedroom..."Tessie! Grab that needle and start waving it around again!"

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

This turned out really pretty. You are a fast stitcher too! It takes me about 15 minutes just to thread a needle! Bad eyes. Big problem.

Glad you washed Tessie's feet. It would be a shame for her to step on this and get dirty little foot prints all over it!

Susan said...

You and Tessie make good magic together, this is beautifully elegant.

Judith said...

I love the blackwork coverlet Casey, and you're right, the border is just enough - anything else would probably look too much with the patterned bed covers. The whole bed looks gorgeous! Tessie is a very lucky little witch! Judith x