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Friday, September 2, 2011

Please!! Don't Eat the Daisies!!!

It all started with a lecture to Spike, by Zar, on not eating dandelions. To which he got a dreamy, far off look in his eye and paid absolutely no attention.

But that's just Spike's general attitude. He pays no attention to anybody and does what he wants.

Meanwhile, a few feet away, there was a lecture going on about not eating the daisies. Tessie sounded just like Doris Day....She actually started singing at one point...

If you will notice, I have planted more grass. The daisies, however, are not planted yet. I will have to wait until I have the trailer glued down for that. And that will come as soon as I finish planting the grass on the other side of the trailer and Tessie finishes pickle forking the flower beds.

The daisies are some that someone sent me a while ago. They are some kind of dried flowers, still attached to their stems, that were sprayed white. I had to repaint the stems to green and glue leaves to each plant. They are pretty realistic once that is done. I still have some more to go. It takes a while, putting each leaf on separately with tweezers and glue. You can do this with any dried plant if it fits what you are trying to do.

It got to be a little strange when I had to gather the participants together and lecture all of them
about keeping off of the grass until it was dry...They didn't understand until I told them that if they stood or sat in one place too long, they would be stuck there forever...Whereupon, they all started dancing around. Tessie told them to.

She instructed, "If we all move constantly, the glue won't hold onto to our feet!"

Of course, that made a mess and holes in the grass where their feet had been. I quickly grabbed them all and forced them to go play in Tessie's townhouse.

That lasted until the glue was dry...Sort of....Then back they went. The lecture tour started again from the beginning. I am starting to feel like I am in a version of "Groundhog Day".

Maybe, if I let them continue the lecture tour, I can sneak around to the other side of the yard and install the rest of the grass without their help....I really need to get this finished. We are getting really close now.

I need to install the big window over the sink. Decide on a table and chairs for the kitchen area. Landscaping and gluing everything down....Hey! The end is in site! Party time!

See you tomorrow.


Eliana said...

I loved this post. The dogs really seem to pay attention to Zar and Tessie ...
So cute!

Kathi said...

You have taken the trailer from its humble beginnings and made a wonderful project from it! Congratulations on getting to the finish line! I am impressed!!!

Caseymini said...

Kathi, thank you again for getting me into this bit of trouble.LOL I have really enjoyed doing it. I need a pat on the back for sticking to it....Just a little more.

Lucille said...

A pat on the back to you, Casey! Just a few more paces and you're at the finishing line! It must be a wonderful feeling.

Audra said...

I really like the overall view of this.

Dare I ask what your next project will be, or is it to soon to tell?

Lataina said...

I've loved every single post of this project! =D I also love the overall view of it. It's just so awesome to look at. lol
As always Casey, you never cease to amaze me with what you do, the things your wonderful imagination creates and Tessie's great adventures. =D

Pauline's Minis said...

I love reading your posts and this one on the Trailer has been a joy to follow... thank you mini hugs Pauline Gsolfot

Sans! said...

As Lataina says, your trailer is just awesome! A most original one.

Claudia said...

The trailer is looking fabulous, I must say! Zar and Tessie certainly seem to appreciate it and you know that isn't always the case with those two.

The grass looks great!