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Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's About Time...

Tessie was following me around like a hungry puppy all day today. I started with painting some of the windows to put into the quarter inch house that I was messing with yesterday....No. I didn't get them painted at the meeting yesterday....Can we say sidetracked? Again?

OK, I confess. I was roped into working on the Kumihimo...Get it? Roped in....Please stop groaning.... No more puns, honest.

I did find a photo that will add to the atmosphere of the house and can easily get all of the windows that I need from it.

Now back to the kumihimo. I tried out some of the silk cord. that is the braid that Tessie is holding. She keeps petting it and murmuring, "Smooth and soft. Smooth and soft." Then she throws in a "Shiny" once in a while for good measure. The other core is interesting....I used a variegated yarn and it keeps changing color from an orangy red to blue green. That one is done with "Watercolors" over dyed cotton thread from a regular needlework shop.

I am having a good time trying different combinations. Each one turns out different from all of the others. Poke the photos if you want to see them up close and personal.

Now the good news....For Tessie anyway. I actually started working on the townhouse a little while ago.

I am cutting trims for the interior.....With her help it is moving kind of slow.

She is whistling a happy tune.

I am listening to rolling thunder outside. I am thinking that it might be a good idea to cut this short and move away from the computer for a while. I still have a work room to clean. Back to the grindstone.

See you tomorrow.


Miniatures by Natalia said...

Casey, you just amaze me: each day you and Tassie come up with some new ideas, Do you girls ever have a rest?:)))

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey and Tessie. I have come to a conclusion. Finishing a project is wonderful. I admire the work you put into Zar's trailer every day I come on here. However,being CREATIVE is also important. And if that means skipping around on different projects, that's okay in my life and yours. It helps us solve our dilemmas, work thru our blocks and finalize our plans.I'm doing just that now too.

Caseymini said...

Natalia, congrats on the scholarship to IGMA! I think that you do just as much as I do. I just have help doing it.
Phyllisa, Thanks for the sympathy. I am going around in circles right now. Sooner or later I will get dizzy and stop on one project for a while.LOL

Miniatures by Natalia said...

Casey, thank you for congratulations. May be Tessie would like to come to my house for a while and help me around. I will teach her how to make Russian pancakes, :))))

Phyllisa said...

Casey, what I said wasn't about sympathy. Read it again. I was referring to the process of being creative when at times we need to
step back from our present project,especially when we are not sure where to go next, and do something that doesn't need to be thought about, like washing the dishes or knitting, so we CAN
THINK about what our next step is on the project.

Kathi said...

Hey! I like it when I poke one photo larger I can see all three!
Love that!