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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Almost Done(again)....Honest!

First of all, Tessie with due diligence, finished enough Kumihimo braid yesterday afternoon and evening to make a necklace. Then she lost interest. I am supposed to finish it for her. She did a pretty good job for her first try.

She is now digging through my beads for something to hang on it.

While she did that, I got to work on the room where all refuse goes to die... If I keep at it long enough, it will be, at the very least, livable...

Here you go. Proof of work.

The west wall is in good shape.

The closet is cleaned out....I can even see the floor all over the room!

Wow! There's actually a beige carpet under all of that stuff that was scattered around.

I found lots of stuff that I didn't know I had, while digging.

Tessie, mean witchy person that she is, had to come along and burst my bubble.

I could pretend to be finished until she came in, perched herself atop two baskets of leftovers and announce, "If you don't tell people what you are hiding in here, I will!"

OK....So I still have this much to put away(and a wee bit more).

Why is it, I can't get away with anything with the blabber mouth around? She is now calling loudly for me to stop typing and come finish putting things away.

I guess Tessie knows best...I never thought I would utter those words in a sentence together...

See you tomorrow, with a clean workroom!


Lucille said...

Those last two baskets are the worse part of tidying up, Casey. That's the part I detest. That's where I need all the patience I can muster. Good luck! Tessie is doing a good job on her necklace!

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

so tidy, don't you feel good now, well done

Lataina said...

It looks great Casey. I say you hide the basket under a desk and call it a day! lol Surely there is something you must know about Tessie to keep her from snitching. =D

Claudia said...

Oh, that Tessie! No matter what she says, you've done a great job in that space.

Maybe Tessie can clean out the baskets?


Kathi said...

Great job on the clean up! I don't dare show MY closet!

How do you store your plant making supplies and paint? Mine are stuffed into drawers right now. Not the best option. Plus I'm running out of room!

I would LOVE to see what's in that big basket. :D