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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poor Dandelion!!!

First of all, I have had a large container of silica gel in the back of the cupboard for about ten years and never even opened it. Why? I just keep forgetting it's there and never have anything that I want to dry anymore. It doesn't spoil, as far as I know.

This morning I saw some interesting weeds in the back yard. They are small enough that they should make good vines if the great silica gel experiment works....Should. It will take a couple of days or so. I will let you know if it works.

Backtracking to yesterday. While in the workroom, I spotted some patterned scissors that were a small scallop....Not only backtracking....Sidetracked too. I decided to try them out for making dandelions. I put a reverse scallop in the edge of a piece of green paper in a wavy pattern and then turned the paper over and cut again, creating kind of dandelion shaped leaves. I used a small piece of wire and arranged five of the leaves in a circle, in a puddle of glue on a piece of card stock. I stuck the wire in the center and then put a tiny piece of cotton batting on the end of the stem.

I think I need to put some gloss on the leaves. Although, they must look pretty good. They fooled the frog.... I will make a pattern and put it up tomorrow. No time just now.

Today is Wednesday and I have a bunch of witches coming here for a mini meeting at 1:00PM.

Of course, as soon as I planted the dandelion the frog tried to eat it and that attracted the mad pickle fork wielder to come running. I had to forcibly take the pickle fork away from her. I can't have Tessie digging up my dandelions! The frog was smart enough to hop behind her and out of the way. I think that he would be safer if he went away altogether. He is still under foot and liable to be stepped upon.

The last thing that I want to show you today is my very first finished piece of Kumihimo. I used macrame to make a loop at the back on one end and a plain not to slip through it on the other end. The pendant is one that I made with Fimo. I don't think that it is bad for a first attempt. Now to finish the four others that I have in the works.

Gotta run now. I have cooking and cleaning still to do before the witches arrive.

See you tomorrow.


Minteriors said...

Talented lady, you!!!

Kim said...

oh- how clever Casey- I love the dandelion! I also really love your new necklace- the Kumihimo cord looks perfect with your fimo pendant!

Norma said...

Clever idea on the dandelion leaves, and cute frog by the way :) Have you ever tried kissing it? If it turns into Johnny Depp please remember it was my idea, if you get a boy version of naughty Tessie, well, I never said a thing ...

Lataina said...

What a pretty necklace!!! =)

Kathi said...

Your necklace is beautiful Casey!
You know if you let dandelions go to seed like that you will soon have them all over the place! Maybe Tessie should dig it up?
The stones and grass look great BTW...

Cris Bottaro said...

hello, the flowers were beautiful, like yellow, and the couple gardening ... is lovely. Congratulations. kisses