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Monday, August 29, 2011

Minis? What Minis?

I know it's not nice to say that you hate something....So I am just going to say that I greatly dislike and despise Mondays. Laundry and housekeeping get hugely in the way of miniature making.

I keep sneaking in and taking mini breaks every once in a while.

At one point this morning, I stuffed stuff in the washer and ran to the trailer. Something was missing from the plan...I realized that I had done all of the stone work, but forgotten the front steps.

I marked around the trailer and marked where the front steps should be. Then I took the trailer off of the board and got to work with some egg cartons.

Note to self....Three egg carton tops left....Eat MORE eggs!!!

I finished the paving. Officially, again....Now all I have to do is run the ball stylus over the cracks and paint everything. Where I started painting before turned out to be too dark....Here I go again...

Time to change the laundry from washer to dryer and clean the bathrooms. Bah Humbug.

No minis to show you, so I will show you the cut up flip flops from yesterday. I have got to stop doing kumihimo and get serious about finishing the trailer. But it was so much easier to sit and braid yesterday, because I tripped over a brick and sat down hard in the back yard Saturday.

Sunday was a day for ease taking, so I kumihimo-ed.

I haven't touched it today. Honest!

Tessie took one look at the latest braid and said, in a huff, "This will never do. I think that you need to try tatting or sewing thread. I can't wear a belt made from this one. It will make me look really fat!"

I wasn't making that one for her anyway. I am now wondering if I can do mini on the big discs or will I have to make a tiny disk to do it?

Before I do anything else, I need to do this again....

I can barely get into the workroom, once again and it is getting deeper by the minute. Hey! Just a minute! There are minis in there. Sorting through minis qualifies as cleaning...Right?

If I stay in there long enough, maybe someone will invent self cleaning houses. They did it for ovens. Why not the whole house?

I am going back in there now. String tied to ankle? Check! Someone call me when they make the announcement about self cleaning houses. Slip a pizza under the door once in a while....

"Zar? I have an invention that I want you to work on!"

See you tomorrow.....If I can find my way out of the mess.


Kathi said...

My dear Casey, your workroom does NOT qualify as a mess. At least not yet. I can seriously compete with any "messes" you might show us. My mess is bigger than your mess! Believe me! Bigger and not confined to just one room of the house either! PLEASE let me know if you hear of a self-cleaning house! Please!

KathieB said...

I recently decided that cleaning isn't high on my list of priorities either. I met the challenge by hiring a cleaning lady who we've dubbed The Tornado. She moves fast and leaves lemon scent and sparkling surfaces in her wake. I played with minis all day today without a twinge of guilt ... The Tornado will be here tomorrow. :)

isabelle said...

Pour moi ce n'est pas le" bazar "comme nous le disons en France mais plutôt la CAVERNE D ALIBABA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Belle journée!!