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Friday, August 5, 2011

Bienvenue au Pavillon.

"No! You can't put the top on yet!" That was Tessie, directing from below. Zar was trying to position the roof. He forgot the valence.

For once we were both happy to have Tessie butt in.

I made Tessie give up my good white brocade wing chair and pulled Zar and the roof off. I then added the other two corner curtains, trimming them all even with the top of the supports. He forgot those too.

I measured again, just to be certain, the eight inches to a side. I then drew, with my T square, four strips that were 1 1/2" by 8" on poster board. I divided each side in half lengthwise and in one inch segments across the short side. I free handed a pattern and proceeded to cut each of the four to match.

Next, I glued them all to a strip of fabric on the straight of the grain. I butted them together leaving about 1/16" between for turning corners. Then I trimmed the fabric as you see it in the next photo and glued the edges around to the back of the poster board.

After that was finished, I went back and covered the backside with another strip of fabric. Then I trimmed that close to the edge with a small sharp pair of scissors.

In the photo, you can see that I lined up the edges of the underside with the edge of the poster board and not the other fabric. This reduces bulk.

After that, I a chain of bunka around the edges with glue. I glued the top extra fabric to the top of the tent frame and then glued the top roof of the tent over that. I still have to do a bit more with the trim.

As soon as I placed the pavilion on the roof, Tessie zapped two chairs from her gazebo into the tent. She and Zar sat down and proceeded to have refreshments and chat....I was not invited. Tessie says that I eat too much to join in the celebration....She is probably right. Everything on the table would be gone in two bites.

I think that this needs white wicker furniture. We shall see....

I am off to work on some other aspect of the trailer, as yet undecided.

See you tomorrow.


Lilsdolls said...

The pavilion looks great! Tess and Zar must be very happy, that they can sit there and have a nice time.....

Garden of Miniatures said...

It's just beautiful made! Jeannette

Elga said...

The pavilion turned out great and I love the fabric you used!!!! White wicker furniture sounds just right.

Kathi said...

Wow! This really turned out nice! Love the photos. Tessie standing on the chair reminds me of myself. I use chairs for reaching things all the time! Too lazy to get out the ladder. LOL
Thanks for sharing how you made the valance. It looks perfect!

Judith said...

I love the pavilion! So clever ... and, as always, beautifully made. Judith x

Minteriors said...

I love it, Casey! How well it turned out. Most attractive. I envy Zar having such a comfortable roof-top retreat to escape to. I agree with you, a nice white set of wicker would be a lovely addition. So crisp and clean, definitely a summer touch.

miniaturista said...

Ha quedado precioso pero para ello ese pobre señor ha tenido que arriesgar su vida subido encima, gracias a Dios que todo ha salido bien.
Un abrazo

Knotty By Nature said...

Love the pavillion! What a cute idea!