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Friday, July 22, 2011

Surely He Can't Be Serious.....

How to follow the curve... What did we do before Post-it-notes?

I needed to make a template for the top part of the stairs. I took the easy way out. Unfortunately, I only had regular stick post it notes. The super stick ones work much better. That's why I have the blue tape on them.

I followed the curve around and overlapped the notes as needed.(We will ignore the blue tape.)

Then when I had them pretty much following the curve, I took them off as a whole unit and sketched the curve on a piece of copy paper.

I cut out the curve and then took the typing paper back to the trailer. I taped it in place and pressed hard on all of the lines of the steps. That gave me a rough pattern. I cut that out and made a few adjustments to make it fit. Then I did the other side the same way.

After I was fairly certain of fit, I cut the pieces out of illustration board(same weight as mat board, but cheaper)

I glued them in place. While the glue was drying, I cut a bunch of half timbers and made a window. There is still the big window in the kitchen of the trailer. I am going to have to get Walter to make a run to the golf store for a new roll of led tape....He will just have to suffer. Going to the golf store is such a burden for him. Sure it is....

Anyway, here is the staircase. I still have to do some trim work and put on a banister of sorts. I am thinking posts and chain. We shall see...The staircase works, but is a bit precarious at this stage.

Now about the under stairs area... That's what the title is about...

Zar made a sign to put on the door that says, "Zar's Private Office"...I told him that it would NOT keep Tessie from trying to get into the bathroom. If anything, it will encourage her to try. Private?

He should know by now that "private" on anything is a magnet to her. He then tacked on lots of other threatening signs. Then he added the largest lock he could find. Poke the photo if you can't read them.

Immediately, Tessie wanted in. Zar stood his ground, saying, "It's my office. It's locked and this is the only key. I am keeping it on my person at all times. Awake or asleep!"

Tessie countered that by grabbing the key out of his hand and disappearing.... Poor Zar. I do hope that he doesn't have to get into the bathroom before Tessie comes back! I do believe that she is going to be very disappointed when she sees that it is only a toilet. I just hope that she doesn't get vengeance for the ruse by tossing the key in said toilet and flushing it...

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. No matter what life throws at us, there is always Casey's blog to make us laugh (or at least smile!)every day.I love it!I hope it continues forever!You are on your way to Blog of the Year for 2011! No others that I have read even come close!You must be quite interesting in person.

Phyllisa said...

Opps! YOU are the winner for 2011! You're the winner in advance! Cool!So you should also be the winner for 2012!Count me in to vote!

Kathi said...

The stairs are brilliant! Stick notes? Only you would think of that! Love the door with all of the signs. Too funny!
Now about the key! THAT'S NOT FUNNY! You are going to have to do something about the little witch!

Lataina said...

Wow Casey!!!! I really, really, really (lol) love waht you've done with all the additions. It's all so great and I'm so looking forward to what you do with the kitchen and roof! =) Poor Zar can't catch a break. Tessie outwits him every time. =/

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I can't take credit for the sticky note idea. I saw it on some regular craft blog a while ago. I just adapted it to minis.

All's well that ends well. I tackled Tessie and got the key back. Zar now has it on a chain around his neck...Under his shirt.

Minteriors said...

The "WC" (water closet), or "Throne Room" (so-called in some sectors) makes great use of the space under the stairs, doesn't it? The little leaded window is too cute, and that huge lock set with matching hinges are a scream. The lock does make a b-i-g enough statement...KEEP OUT!! Glad Zar is back in control of his key. That Tessie is truly a handful.