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Friday, July 1, 2011

Never Leave a Sketchbook and Pencil Unattended...

I laid my sketch of the trailer on a kitchen chair last night before I went to bed. Little did I know that elves would add finishing touches to the drawing....I caught Zar, pencil in hand, standing on it this morning.

Poke the photo and you will see what he did to the plain old half timber trailer....Now he wants all of his ideas put to use. I am beginning to think that he is related to Rube Goldberg as well as being Steampunkian.
He now wants a rooftop pavilion, a staircase leading up to said pavilion, lots of plumbing around the kitchen area and also pipes leading to what he is calling the "Shower Tower"...

As if I didn't already have another couple of weeks of work on this project.

Oh well....I should start. He is helping. He wants this done, so that he can stop handing out cookies and muffins and relax.

I started with the stair steps going up the end of the trailer to the roof. At least he didn't demand an enclosed staircase....Please don't suggest this to him.

I am making the stairs from 3/4" cove molding. It is perfect for making stairs without a lot of math and planning. I cut it in 2" lengths and then applied those to a piece of 1/16" bass wood, cut to size. One edge of the front of the cove is cut straight across and the other is rounded. I glued each step to the bass wood base with white glue, keeping the rounded edge of the cove to the top. I will later put an extra cap of wood on each step with an extended front. Right now I am just blocking things out.

I fitted it to the side of the trailer and cut between the steps that I didn't need, knowing that I could use the rest of the steps to finish the L shaped stairs. I think that Zar is going to have to do a few steps ladder style, going up the straight side of the roof.

I cut a couple of old porch posts to the right height to make the steps level.

Right now they are just propped up against the wall to make sure that they fit.

Of course, Tessie couldn't wait to try them on for size. And of course, she started complaining when she discovered that they didn't yet go all the way to the top.

I am designing this, with Zar's input as I build. Who knows what it is going to look like when I finish? At least I am not getting bored and the six year old's attention span is keeping busy.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey.
You are just so inventive! I love the pavillion, stairs and tower idea for the trailer. They make taking a trip in the trailer challenging though!LOL!I appreciate all your
tutorials and refer to them often.
And I actually DO a few of them. I'm still working on The Needlework Shoppe. What did you use for the spools for the thread in the Rusty Needle shop? Thanks for your help.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, I don't know where you are located or if you have access to mini stores or shows. If you do, I used "Tiny Turnings". You can get them at most mini shops and shows. They are very think spindles in various shapes. One of them looks like a series of spools all attached together. I simply wrapped them with threads and cut them apart.

Dlsarmywife said...

Oh wow, Zar turned an 'ordinary' (although with you, Tessie and Zar; the word Ordinary has very little meaning =D) trailer into something awesome! I love seeing all the projects you undertake!

Kathi said...

OMG! A shower tower!!! What WILL you think of next?!!! This is going to be one fancy "trailer!"

Norma said...

I don't have a Zar but I do have a 2 yr old grandson so I agree - NEVER leave ANY paper and pen/pencil unattended ;)

This is going to be a fantastic trailer if Zae gets his way!

Audra said...

This is just great! I need exterior stairs going to my studio apartment above the garage. I was going to buy some, but now I will steal the piece of cove molding that has been in our garage for years and make use of it. Will have to wait until Tuesday when hubby is not looking! Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!

Caseymini said...

Audra, just be sure that the cove is 3/4" on each side. Cove comes in various sizes and larger or smaller won't work in 1" scale. Have fun. I am now experimenting with a curve in the staircase so that I won't have an odd piece of ladder involved.

Josje said...

That's a marvelous way to get your designs finished! I should try that tonight ;)
Is Zar going to install a Power Shower in his Shower Tower?

Susan said...

I didn't think this project could get any better but it just did!
Go Zar ;))

Linda said...

love it love it love it!!!!! *wonders if i could squeeze a trailer in somewhere ....your ideas are fabulous!!! :D Linda x

Kathi said...

I always come back! LOL
I remembered that you had used cove molding for your stairs but couldn't remember what size. Now I know and off I go to Home Depot!
Thanks again for ALL of your wonderful tutorials!!!!!!