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Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Than Meets the Eye....

About twenty years ago, there were a bunch of miniaturists around here that got into smaller scales....I designed some furniture to teach in little classes. One set was a chair and couch that were very simple to make.

They were almost origami. Since I seem to have a lot of quarter inch furniture to make right now, I thought that these would be a good thing to revive....if I could only remember how I did them....

I have been messing with the chair for a couple of hours now. I don't think that I have the original pattern any longer and I can't find any examples of the furniture....How irritating is that?I played with it until I got this far. It still doesn't look quite like the original...I do believe that I am going to throw in the towel for today and start over tomorrow. It doesn't help to have Tessie sitting here snickering at me whilst I work.

I made her another basket with the technique from yesterday. It is a tray and she dug around and found the empty wire spool in the waste basket. She now has a side table to put the tray on....And on the tray, she has a nice full goblet and a decanter of something that shall go unnamed....No. She won't say what is in it, but she certainly has been happy and agreeable all afternoon... Pink and frothy must be the key. I am going to have to remember that. She hasn't yelled at me once, all afternoon. It must be good stuff.

This is where she has parked herself on the desk.
Great view of everything I am doing. No wonder I'm not getting anything done. She has been chattering away ever since I sat down.

I think that I am going to leave her sitting there and go someplace else to work. Maybe I will be able to work out the chair if I leave her there with her feet propped up and a glass in her hand.

That should work....See you tomorrow.


dale's dreams said...

It's looking cute, Casey. I'm sure with fresh eyes tomorrow you'll get it to where you want it to be.

I could use a pink frothy drink. ;)

Lataina said...

Poor Tessie! She's not bossy, just misunderstood. ;)

Kathi said...

I know how difficult it is to make teeny tiny furniture! Your little chair is too cute, all upholstered and everything!